Be Possessed By Fashion Symbol of Summer Trends: TOPSHOP Floral Print Strappy Bodycon Dress

topshop-5892-452033-1Say it with us: ‘It’s a Waaaarm again”. Fog in china and snowstorm in the US made us all wish vehemently for the sun-kissed days. Singapore may be a fortnight away from the clear weather, but trend-possessed Singaporean She is ready with her wish list to reshape her wardrobe according to summer fashion trends. Honestly, you cannot blame her either for the fashion trends changing more rapidly than the mood of the weather in Singapore.topshop-5893-452033-2In the wildest imagination, if one can organize a beauty Pageant Contest for the clothes for summer, StyleHunter would have its money on designer dresses. Jeans, tops, and skirts may have their own place, but they all require pairing. But, if you have your wallet, mobile and wedges ready, just slip into any of your favorite dress and you are ready with a killer look.topshop-5894-452033-3However, in summer, the ease and comfort are second only to the great style. And, therefore, if you decide to rely more on TOPSHOP, we cannot dispute your excellent styling sense. In Fact, we have got you here one of the most gorgeous (and sexy too) dress from TOPSHOP. With Floral Print Strappy Bodycon Dress, it is not hard to realize the painstaking artisan work that goes into designing this dress.topshop-5895-452033-4Designer dresses are universally flattering, but this TOPSHOP creation goes step ahead with its cuts and stripes to give you a true city girl look. Punchy florals look so-now in this tight-fitting bodycon dress. Styled with a crossover back and multiple slim straps for added appeal, this little number is fantastic for a truly feminine look.topshop-5898-452033-6

So, if you find Floral Print Strappy Bodycon Dress as the chic-est piece in the Zalora collection, your expertise in sensing the style is second to none. But, to actually possess this dress you will have visit Zalora, which offers 51% discount on this new style symbol on the block.

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