Shop at Lazada Singapore for an Hassle-free Experience!

Established in 2012 by European tech company “Rocket Internet”, today, Lazada has become this giant in the business where they operate in six countries, that is: ‘Indonesia’, ‘Vietnam’, ‘Malaysia’, ‘Thailand’, ‘Singapore’, and the ‘Philippines’. Lazada is loved by their customers all over because they are persistent in offering discounts, and coupons, from which they receive the benefit when shopping from them. With one of the famous offline event that went online ‘Great Singapore Sale’ happened at their site.

Now, under the canopy of “Alibaba”, bringing more of the ‘Chinese’ companies under their portfolio, they have grown and prospered exponentially. With just the thought to be the “Amazon” of SEA countries, how come they own the competition of where they are established?

Availability of Foreign Goods

With easy logistics, and fewer commission fees on the products, companies outside the country find it easier to sell their products through Lazada, this makes the customers choose from a wider range of products. Big brands like JBL, Kohler, Logitech, Xiaomi are just at the fingertips of the buyers.

Endless Categories & Countless Products

Lazada has several items listed on their mobile app, products like glass doors, gaming chairs, hand sanitizers, latest iPhone, are just the tip of the iceberg in the inventory of Lazada organization.

Easy Payment Options

Lazada has a tangle-free system, even in the payment department of their system. Options like Hello pay. Lazada wallet, BDO installments, and also through QR code scanning, through which customers can make a hassle-free payment when shopping for their product.


Lazada has introduced ‘LazMall’, where a buyer can shop and compare a wide range of products from the local or international buyers, or from the unauthorized seller with good product quality who wants to sell on their portal as well. They also offer an immense amount of discounts which makes it super beneficial for customers to shop from them.

Easy Delivery Options

One of the major reasons Lazada being successful is its modes of delivery. The importance they give to their customers is where they bubble up in their competition. Their modes of delivery are:
Standard Delivery; this is the standard delivery e-commerce companies do, where they ship the item from their warehouse when the order is placed.
Dropshipping Method: this is one of the unique kinds of delivery pattern used by Lazada in which, when you place an order, it goes directly to the company, they ship the product, you pay for it and then they pay the retail price directly to the company. It saves both time and cost for everyone through which they can offer maximum discounts to the customers.
Delivery Partners: In this method of delivery, Lazada offers anyone with a certain type of vehicle possession to be their delivery partner, who can pick up and deliver the product on behalf of them
Collection Point: In this method of delivery, Lazada offers their customer to choose the desired location from their various collection points and can pick up their product by themselves at their preferable time.

What makes Lazada one of the biggest E-commerce companies in SEA?

Simplicity is Their Backbone

Lazada is easy for both, the company and their customers. Their easy business model makes it easy for the companies to sign up with them and spread their business from one country to another. They charge only 2% of the payment fee and a cross-border commission fee of 1% to 2%. This easy gliding made the brands outside of the country available to the buyers, which eventually made them grow in the business.

Not Being Stuck in the Paperwork

When companies find it difficult to ease up, either of their interface or the difficulties that happen between them and the customers, which may occur because of government policies or their inner jumble of rules and regulations, making it difficult for the smaller companies to connect and sell their items. Lazada works another way around. Applying for the ‘business license’ costs around 1000$, which takes a week to approve, and then you have to make a Payoneer card, your account on their site as a seller and that’s it, you’re done. All of this procedure can be done online, easy right?

Alibaba Boost

Lazada was acquired by Alibaba at the cost of a massive 2 billion $ in 2016, which opened up the flood gates for the foreign companies to sell their products in the SEA market. Companies just have to drop their products at the warehouses and their work is done. All the logistics of the company are handled by them themselves.

Why do People Shop at Lazada?

Perks they Offer

  • They offer numerous promo codes and vouchers, to avail of the discounts on their products. For Great Singapore sale, to avail of the bank promo code 2021, just click here
  • Lazada offers free shipping when you shop for a minimum of 40$, to avail voucher for free delivery just hit this link.
  • Lazada has offers for new users too, click here and avail benefit given to those who register for the first time.
  • Quality and Packaging of Products
  • Quality is being adhered to at Lazada, a quality check of the products are promoted and safely packaged with care, as it creates impression on the buyers. A lot of electronic products like desktop monitors, keyboards, laptops, and mobile phones need good packaging, as these are fragile items. They make sure that the quality of the packaging is proper and all the regulations are followed.

The Benefit to Shop from LazMall

Lazmall offers an easy comparison of products, it clears a lot of confusion for the buyers and also various referral codes help even more when purchasing the product.

Easy return, exchange, and cancellation policies

Lazada is known for easy exchanges; their customer care executives are very supportive and help their customers when any issue arrives. Return and cancellation are effortless for their customers, you can do it from their website or the app itself.

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