Decathlon Singapore- Trendy Athleisure Outfits From World of Sports

Athleisure personifies the much needed combo of athletic and comfy casuals.

Be it a hard-core session in the gym or a café visit afterwards, stylish and comfortable active wear gives us the feel we crave. From leggings and tank tops to shorts and sports jerseys; there’s so much in store to look trendy in sportswear.

We know, plethora of options give birth to truckload of confusion. This blog will help you in sailing through with not just outfit ideas but also the perfect shopping destination- Decathlon Singapore. It will also lead you towards Decathlon Singapore Promo code available at CollectOffers.

Founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq , Decathlon SG has risen to be the favourite sportswear destination globally. Born because of the idea that the best sports products should be easily accessible to all, Decathlon runs over 2000 stores worldwide. Be it Decathlon running shorts or trainers, with unmatched quality and affordability, the brand has fixed a special spot in our hearts. If you are wondering why is Decathlon so affordable, the answer lies in its integrated design and retailing.

With athleisure slowly blurring the line between sporty and casual look, gone are the days when we had to compromise with comfort to look stylish. So if you are a sucker for athleisure trend, you are on the right track as it’s here to last.

Let’s go through the best of active wear available at Decathlon SG.

Decathlon Sports Wear For Men

Who doesn’t love to look stylish? But looking stylish while feeling super comfortable is the big goal. Thankfully, our loved active wear brand offers chic sports clothing, as it knows that wearing sportswear that you actually like; boost performance.

Tops at Decathlon Online Singapore

To offer you the best of comfort and style, Decathlon Singapore offers a wide range of tops. The tops are crafted with fabric that wicks away perspiration to give you that good and dry feel. From tanks to sports jerseys, the category is soaked with a number of choices.

Be it a polo for your golf session or a mesh-work t-shirt for strength training, Decathlon SG has items to suit all your needs. The hassle-free experience at your Decathlon Online purchase will please you even more.

As use of athleisure wear is no longer curbed to sports; hit the dance studio looking savvy. Grab some coffee later? Hell yes!

Choices Available at Decathlon Singapore Online

Tanks & Sleeveless Shirts

Shirts & Polo Shirts

Sports Jerseys


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Bottoms at Decathlon Singapore Lab

The importance of wearing the right active wear is huge. Be it skin related benefits; as in the right material lets your skin breathe. Or performance related benefits; the clothes you wear can positively or negatively impact your confidence. Keeping all that in perspective, Decathlon has created a range of bottom wear that offer the perfect amalgamation of all key features.

From tights to convertible pants, the versatile collection is perfect to grab the best bottoms. Want to show off your calves in training shorts. Why not? Pick the perfect shorts from the Decathlon store. Be it running shorts for cardio-centric workouts or pants for hike, Decathlon SG has everything in store for you.

To get a discount, make use of Decathlon promo code.

Choices Available at Decathlon Lab

Shorts & Bermuda Shorts

Leggings & Tights

Convertible Pants at SG Sports

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Decathlon Sports Wear For Women

No one said you can’t look good amidst a sweaty workout. A killer outfit to the gym can build your confidence which will further bolster your performance. At Decathlon store, the collection of active wear is super fine. To sweeten the deal, use Decathlon gift code. If you don’t have it, use Decathlon Promo code.

Ladies, get ready to bedazzle in your next workout session!

Tops at Decathlon Sports Singapore

Unleash the Gym-fluencer in you by picking from the ultimate collection of Decathlon lab. Be it long-sleeved shirts or tank tops (Flaunt those toned arms), the range has something for everyone. Providing ultimate freedom of movement, the tanks and sleeveless shirts at Decathlon’ world of sports is filled with stunning pieces that come in super soft fabrics. If you are more into sport jerseys, the brand has a chic collection of those as well.

To save on your purchase, apply Decathlon voucher code today.

Choices available at Decathlon Online Store Singapore

Tanks & Sleeveless Shirts

Shirts, T-shirts & Long-sleeved shirts

Sports Jersey

To get unbeatable discount, use Decathlon SG promo code.

Bottoms at Decathlon Sports Store

The Decathlon SG lab is filled with top quality bottom wear. From tights for your power yoga class to skirts for tennis game, your every need will be taken care of. Give the fashion enthusiast in you a treat because you deserve to feel (and look) stunning.  To save on your purchase, you can use Decathlon discount code.

Choices available at Decathlon Lab

Pants & Trousers

Leggings & Tights

Skirts & Shorts

Convertible Pants

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Decathlon Membership

Decathlon has time and again proved its love for its customers. That’s why the global brand offers a FREE lifetime Decathlon membership.

Decathlon Membership Offers

·         Free sports events

As a part of the perks, you get to participate in Decathlon sports events free of cost.

·         Easy return and exchange

No hassle of hefty paperwork is a great benefit of membership. Return and exchange gets as easy as possible under Decathlon membership.

·         Product trial

Another amazing perk of the membership is that you get test products from the brand’s extensive range for up to seven days before your finalize your purchase. For discounts, you can use Decathlon coupons.

·         Easy access to Decathlon services

From workshop services to racket re-stringing and re-gripping services, you get an easy access to a number of services.

Types of Delivery at Decathlon SG

The brand has risen to fame due to its commitment to quality and partly due to its concern for its customers. An example of that can be witnessed from the various types of deliveries to suit your needs. If the bill amount seems too much to you, don’t be saddened, we have got your back. You can manage to get a good discount using Decathlon voucher code.

Click and collect 2 hour delivery

Applicable for general sporting goods, you can get 2 hour delivery without additional charge.
If free delivery is not available for your item, use Decathlon Free Delivery code offered by CollectOffers (if available)

Click and collect Bike delivery within 3 days

After you have received the mail saying that you parcel is ready, get prepared to welcome your bike as it will arrive just in 3 days. To save maximum amount, use Decathlon promo code.

Fitness goals are going to be fulfilled!

2 hour delivery at home

Chargeable with a deliver fee of 2 dollars, the service is revolutionary. Still manage to save a few bucks using, Decathlon coupon code.

Day slot delivery

With delivery service within 1-3 days, the active wear brand has won our hearts.

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