Guide To Wear Slip Dress In Fall and Winters

This post will guide you on how to wear a slip dress during the winter season. Just follow the below tips and you are ready to rock your look with ease. 

Sometimes to wear our favorite dress during the winter and fall season is impossible to think. As the winter season calls for wearing warm, woolen, thick clothes that we tend to pack up our lightweight summer clothes.

If we say that you can wear all your favorite slip dress even during fall and winter season then how you will react?

Yes, many of us think that our most demanding prized possession slip dress is only for the time until we hit September but it is not that way always. You can plan to wear the dress even during winters by opting layering.

The key to making your slip dress get the transition from season to season lies somewhere in between how well you opt more clothes and layer it up. You can choose a t-shirt, a shrug, a chunky knit or a denim jacket to survive easily even during colder months. You just have to pick your favorite slip dress midi and pair it up with additional clothes.

With this style, you will just not easily survive during the colder months but also you will look fashionable and different. For better help, look here top 6 ways you can style slip dress in winter.

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1. Button-Down Shirt

Zalora promocode

A button-down collar shirt beneath your slip dress will be another good idea to opt. The ensemble is the best option you can wear for even during professional meetings and at work. You can select a neutral color slip dress to not make it a jazzy and party look that can simply match the office environment. For accessorizing, you can opt sport sandals or go for square toe boots.

2. Light Layering with T-shirts

slip dress satin

If you have to layer it up in light clothes or do not want to show off your skin too much then simply buy a t-shirt and wear it beneath your slip dress. This will easily make you feel confident and don it at any casual outing with friends or family. For a more dressy look, cinch your waist with a belt and add some more heavy look by wearing sneakers over socks.

3. Layering with a transparent coverage

slip dress

Transparent layering over your slip dress will give you a more attractive look and you will definitely grab attention. With this style, you can simply rock your appeal quotient and can easily rock it up with your dress look. You can choose this style on a dinner date outing as the thin layer outing will keep you warm during the night and you will be dressed best without being over dressy. Along with it, you can wear twofer with chunky wedge boots to admire the new season.

4. Layer Gingham/Cardigan Over it

Slip dress silk

Gingham is the best cloth you can wear during falls or during daytime in winters. It isn’t for summers. There are many pattern and cardigan color options available which you can style it up with your statement sneakers. Also, when you notice the temperature dropping down then cinch your Gingham with a belt, this will create a stylish appearance as well as help you get warm in winters. 

5. Showing off Lots of Legs

slip dress in winters

If you feel winter season is here almost and you have to pack your best slip dress silk then it is not the time yet. You can use it for a flirty finish and show off your legs confidently. Let the lace hem glimpse out from the bottom of your skirt and keep that sensuous and appealing look. The high knee boots will help you not show off much and will be best for the weather too.

6. Cover with Sweater 


If the temperature drops then you surely need a sweater to survive. You can wear a contrasting color sweater over your slip dress black and keep sunglasses, high heel sandals, and slip dress midi in an emergency for now. A long sleeve sweater will balance your look and you can easily rock till Halloween.

Hope the above styles and tips have helped you in knowing how to wear a slip dress confidently in winters.

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