Guide To Wear Slip Dress In Fall and Winters

This post will guide you on how to wear a slip dress during the winter season. Just follow the below tips and you are ready to rock your look with ease. 

Sometimes to wear our favorite dress during the winter and fall season is impossible to think. As the winter season calls for wearing warm, woolen, thick clothes that we tend to pack up our lightweight summer clothes.

If we say that you can wear all your favorite slip dress even during fall and winter season then how you will react?

Yes, many of us think that our most demanding prized possession slip dress is only for the time until we hit September but it is not that way always. You can plan to wear the dress even during winters by opting layering.

The key to making your slip dress get the transition from season to season lies somewhere in between how well you opt more clothes and layer it up. You can choose a t-shirt, a shrug, a chunky knit or a denim jacket to survive easily even during colder months. You just have to pick your favorite slip dress midi and pair it up with additional clothes.

With this style, you will just not easily survive during the colder months but also you will look fashionable and different. For better help, look here top 6 ways you can style slip dress in winter.

Important money-saving tip: To shop best slip dress, jacket, shrug, t-shirts etc, you can use Zalora promocode on your purchase and get an instant discount on some of the best and branded fashion pieces.

1. Button-Down Shirt

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A button-down collar shirt beneath your slip dress will be another good idea to opt. The ensemble is the best option you can wear for even during professional meetings and at work. You can select a neutral color slip dress to not make it a jazzy and party look that can simply match the office environment. For accessorizing, you can opt sport sandals or go for square toe boots.

2. Light Layering with T-shirts

slip dress satin

If you have to layer it up in light clothes or do not want to show off your skin too much then simply buy a t-shirt and wear it beneath your slip dress. This will easily make you feel confident and don it at any casual outing with friends or family. For a more dressy look, cinch your waist with a belt and add some more heavy look by wearing sneakers over socks.

3. Layering with a transparent coverage

slip dress

Transparent layering over your slip dress will give you a more attractive look and you will definitely grab attention. With this style, you can simply rock your appeal quotient and can easily rock it up with your dress look. You can choose this style on a dinner date outing as the thin layer outing will keep you warm during the night and you will be dressed best without being over dressy. Along with it, you can wear twofer with chunky wedge boots to admire the new season.

4. Layer Gingham/Cardigan Over it

Slip dress silk

Gingham is the best cloth you can wear during falls or during daytime in winters. It isn’t for summers. There are many pattern and cardigan color options available which you can style it up with your statement sneakers. Also, when you notice the temperature dropping down then cinch your Gingham with a belt, this will create a stylish appearance as well as help you get warm in winters. 

5. Showing off Lots of Legs

slip dress in winters

If you feel winter season is here almost and you have to pack your best slip dress silk then it is not the time yet. You can use it for a flirty finish and show off your legs confidently. Let the lace hem glimpse out from the bottom of your skirt and keep that sensuous and appealing look. The high knee boots will help you not show off much and will be best for the weather too.

6. Cover with Sweater 


If the temperature drops then you surely need a sweater to survive. You can wear a contrasting color sweater over your slip dress black and keep sunglasses, high heel sandals, and slip dress midi in an emergency for now. A long sleeve sweater will balance your look and you can easily rock till Halloween.

Hope the above styles and tips have helped you in knowing how to wear a slip dress confidently in winters.

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5 New Casual Outfit Ideas That Aren’t Boring

Give a makeover to style by opting out of the boring causal style and try on some new causal fashion that will sure to make you stand out.

We all have been at times in a situation lounging for new wardrobe collection. Every time sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt won’t be ideal for situations. Sometimes, you wish for other relaxed and comfortable outfit that is trendy as well as offer you huge support. In fact, sometimes you wish to do other tasks than just looking to put together an outfit.

Pairing the two most popular pieces is also a great way to spice up your outfit and get dressed confidently. It is a huge task which can be accomplished easily by following the below-described ideas. 

Start with pairing two dubious pieces collectively and throw up an accessory to spice up the outfit. Scroll down below to learn about the four most popular casual outfit ideas that will definitely give you the freedom to try a different style than the usual boring.  

Polka Dress with a causal Bag

Zalora promo code

The retro-style polka dress is a straightaway win in the fashion world. You can make your look appealing and leave a good impression on other people’s mind by flaunting your polka-dot dress in this summer. 

You can shop from Zalora by using Zalora promo code and get ready to receive many compliments as soon as you dress out wearing the ultimate summer dress. 

Floaty Floral Dress and a Sling Bag

Zalora promo code

You can give a breezy look to your casual style by the opting floral flowy dress that you keep you cool and stylish and perfect for the summer season. Along with to give a heavy and effective look, you can carry a sling bag to keep your wallet and phone.

It’s a sure shot winning combo for the summer season that will look perfect for day time and casual outing.

Tank Top and Jeans style with Boots

Yoox promo code

Another cool style that will spice up your casual look is a basic tank top along with high-waist fun prints or distressed jeans. You are sure to turn many heads turn and for more appealing look, opt for ankle-length boots and walk more confidently on the street.

Shop everything branded and also see along with more options from Yoox and use the unqiue Yoox promo code on your purchase.

White Trousers and Blazer

Yoox promo code

Yes, a trouser and a blazer is the most effective and important combination you must have in your wardrobe. You can swap your go-to fall classic black in the summer and other seasons too.

Just choose the thickness of the blazer on the basis of whether. The summer-ready white trousers will also be the perfect choice to give a casual look and work well even for a professional look.

White Button-Down and Neutral Color Culottes

Zalora promo code

Give a transformation to your look by opting a white button-down shirt over a neutral or beige colour loose trousers. This will upgrade your look more and give you a chance to experiment with your style.

Dump your denim short and jeans now and give a go with a more elevated yet comfortable option by choosing wide-leg beige culottes.

Hope, you have liked the above styles and you are sure going to opt any of them for your next casual outing. Do share your best style with us in the comments below!

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Useful Casual Styling Hacks To Transform Your Look From Basic To Cool!

For an everyday cool and smart look, it is very important to style your outfit perfectly. If you are fashionistas and love adapting trendy styles to look high-fashioned and up-to-date with the trend, then read on the blog post as it comprises of various styling hacks and tips that are ideal to adapt to look cool and stylish even with basic ensembles.

Looking cool and stylish doesn’t mean that you have to keep buying and stacking new-new style outfits into your wardrobe. Being high-fashioned means, you must know how to carry an outfit elegantly and stylishly. this usually happens among women that they want everything to be perfect and cool. So, if you are high-fashioned women or young college-going girls who wish to look stylish even with basic clothes, then read on the following styling hacks that are gaining immense popularity in the fashion world today. Be it runway style or celebrity style dressing, these hacks will surely transform you into a glamorous diva in no time. Start your scrolling to read about various styling tips.

Before you read about the hacks, make sure you register to leading fashion portals or shopping platforms that will not only help your grab best fashion deals but will also keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and happenings in the fashion world.


Zalora and Farfetch are the two most trusted shopping platform in Singapore, where you can find a wide assortment of branded fashion apparels at best-discounted rates. You can avail their unique discount coupons such as Zalora promo code or Farfetch promo code to enjoy maximum savings on every purchase.

Now, take a quick glance at the following styling hacks to transform your boring and simply look into a more stylish and cooler one-

1 # Knot Your Button-Down!


If you are wearing a basic and casual button-down shirt on your favorite pair of jeans or skirt, then give your look a twist by tieing the tails of your shirt into a knot. It is a super cool and cute way to look slimmer and show off your waist even when wearing a simple shirt. Tying a knot of your shirt’s tails in the middle will show off your body shape. It will give you a more polished look. A midi skirt looks perfect with a plaid shirt with tied tails.

2 # Roll Up Your Jeans!


No matter what type of jeans you are wearing, whether it is skinny, boyfriends or straight-fit, cuffing up your jean from the ankle will instantly freshen up your look into a more cooler and smarter one. Cuffing or rolling up your skinny jeans means you will get a more streamlined look while rolling up straight-fit or boyfriends jeans means you will get a baggier style of look at the bottom. Either way, you will upgrade your denim look more cool and cute.

SO, these are some of most loved and in-trend styling hacks that every women and college-going must know and should follow to transform your from basic to cool.

You can enjoy maximum discounts and savings on every purchase of trendy fashion apparels with Farfetch by using Farfetch promo code.

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Peplum Fashion Trend Is The Biggest Hit In 2019!

Peplum style is the most dressy and high-fashioned trend of an outfit whose elegance detailing expresses the wearer’s personality and confidence. Peplum is the most loved style of fashion clothing today. 2019 is the year full of great peplum tops, dresses, blouses, t-shirts and blazers. It is big in this season because it hides post-binge bellies effortlessly.

Peplum is one of the strongest fashion trends which popping up on the department store rails in 2019. From frilly swinging peplums to formally structured ones, from perky peplums to innovative peplums with bell-shaped, origami folds, frilly fortune pleats, asymmetric shapes, box pleats, and half peplums, there are many variants available in this style.

So, if you are seeking to infuse this vibrant and vivacious style to your wardrobe this spring-summer season, then here’s a blog post that will help you know about must-have peplums in 2019. Scroll through the points given below to read more-

1 # Peplum Tops!


It is the most flattering style of tops that accentuates the womanly shape of an hourglass in the most elegant manner. Peplum tops are usually short, designed with overskirt attached around the waistline. Peplums are designed to make your curves look stylish and attractive.

Stylish, enchanting and trendy, the peplum tops are a perfect figure-flattering alternative outfit that can be worn for all occasions, that flatter every figure with utmost gracefulness and elegance. These tops are sometimes also called as a ruffled-waist charmer.

2 # Peplum Dresses!


Look amazing with peplum dresses that can be a perfect party outfit for special event and occasions. If you wish to flatter your curve elegantly on the next wedding party or office party, then peplum dresses are a great alternative to choose over casual party dresses. You can be short or tall or slim or curvy, you will find peplum dresses online that matches your style.

The peplum dress is the women’s party dress chosen by most of the high-fashioned woman today. Not just special occasions, peplum dresses are also ideal for office wear, casual day out with friends and movie date.

3 # Peplum Skirt


If you are seeking a stylish skirt that screams sophistication and elegance, then a peplum skirt should be your ultimate option. There are many styles and patterns of skirts available in the market and peplum skirts are the latest in trend. The graceful appeal and intricate detailing of these skirts look absolutely stunning on tall, slim and curvy body structures.

Choose the length, cut and material of peplum skirt depending upon your preference and pair it up with elegant ruffle blouse to get that perfect party look. Important note you must take in while buying a peplum skirt for yourself is that it should properly fit on your body otherwise you may ruin the look of such high-fashioned skirts.

So., these are the three most loved peplum fashion styles that every love to wear on almost all occasions be it casual or party. You can look for amazing discounts on Zalora for buying trendiest peplum tops, dresses and skirts with Zalora promo code.

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5 Different Ways To Style Your Favorite Culottes!

Gauchos, palazzo pants, culottes – there are many names for casual flared trousers that stops a few inches below the knees. These are an absolutely spring/summer fashion staples that loose, cropped and comfortable. The incredibly stylish culottes are every fashion-forward women favorite and today, it is the most sought-after casual wear. In this blog post, you will learn about how to style a pair of trendy culotte in different ways.

If you are bored of wearing those old pair of denims and pencil pants which gets uncomfortable and skinny during the extreme weather, then culottes are a perfect alternation for you. Available in tons of styles, length and flared diameter, culottes are super comfy piece of cloth that keep your style game on point. But note that, styling a culotte is not an easy task to do.

If you also love to wear culottes, but seeking ways to style them differently then here’s a guide for you. The styles below are perfect to opt to get a glamour but super comfy look that you can carry all day long. Take a look at the following styles-

1 # Pleated Culottes With Shirts!


Say goodbye to your regular pants or trousers and opt a solid shade culotte for work or official events that demands formal wear. Go for pleated culottes that look elegant and stylish when paired with elegant blouse-style shirts and pumps.

2 # Loose Check Shirts And Straight Culottes!


For those blissful sunny afternoon brunches and beach getaways, a combination of straight culottes in bright, vibrant shade and a loose check shirt tuck in untidily is a great attire. Loose checkered shirts, sunglasses, sneakers and a hat make up a great combination for those seeking super chic and comfy OOTD.

3 # Floral Top And Jacket!


To make your casual look more funky and cool, you can opt for a khaki above-ankle length culotte and pair it up with a cuter front-tie floral top. You can layer your look with a classy cropped jacket. Don’t forget to make your outfit even more comfortable wearing a favorite pair of comfy sneakers. The outfit is a great option for casual outings with friend or movie dates.

4 # A Cool T-Shirt For That Sporty Look!


If you wish to make your look with culotte more casual and funkier, then you can pair them up with your favorite slogan t-shirt or boyfriend tee. Loosely tuck in the t-shirt to get a more casual but chic look without many efforts.

5 # Floral Culotte With Plain Tops!


Reverse the combination and pair floral culotte with plain tops for if wish to infuse more colors and floral touch to your outfit. Perfect for casual outings, movie dates and shopping, floral culottes, solid tops and casual sneakers make up a perfect combination for the day.

If you wish to buy trendy culottes at affordable prices online, make sure you register and browse through the exclusive collection of reliable fashion store like Zalora and avail its unique Zalora promo code to enjoy maximum savings.

And that’s a wrap to different ways to style culottes, hopefully it will embrace your style quotient to the next level.

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5 Trendy Summer Bags That Look Expensive—But Are Not!

It’s always a good idea and advantage to shop on the affordable side, especially if you are buying anything on trend. it is important to seek only affordable and budget-friendly things. After all, we don’t know when the trend gets a mould for the next season.

So, whenever you seek for the latest trend, always, go for budget options. If you are looking to be fashionably best then you must choose a stylish summer bag. In this post, we will share with you some trendy summer bags that are perfect for this summer season. Though these trendy bags look costly but actually, they are budget friendly to buy.

Here we have rounded up a few trendy summer bags which you can shop from Zalora and use the unique Zalora promo code to get it within the low price range (which is a safe bet to take):

Top Handle

Zalora promo code

The ladylike top-handle works best for all types of women. Whether you are a working professional or a housemaker going out for shopping, it will make you look reputed and people can’t help it but notice you. All fashion lovers certainly prefer the top-handle bag as it is easy to carry as well as the long handle can also be worn out like a sling.

This means this bag will work for all seasons and can be easily a good investment not just for summers but for all seasons.


Zalora promo code

Yes, the PVC bag trend fashion trend is still strong. We love this cool transparent bag as it works well during rainy season too because of its plastic nature. But the only problem is that your things will be clearly visible. So, to hide it, you can use a cool punch and keep your personal stuff in it and then carry the bag with utmost grace.


Zalora promo code

There are many options available on the woven bag. You can go for an oversized tote bag that fits all your essential and also looks cool for any casual day outing. You can take this bag for shopping outing as it can contain a good number of items. You can even get this cool stylish bag from Yoox by using the Yoox promo code to enjoy it at discount.

Vacation Print

Zalora promo code

This colourful print vacation bag is what you are searching for? This bag is one stylish yet summery style that every woman must have this season. Probably, it looks quite cool if you are going on a beach vacation. 

Belt Bag

Yoox promo code

A belt bag is probably the easiest yet coolest bag you will ever want. If you are women who don’t like wearing a bag and often feel tired of carrying it then belt bag is definitely for you. With this bag, your Saturday strolls will no more be the same and your look will also be a little different and stylish.

Don’t think any further second, just buy the best and most demanding women summer bags right now at some bargained price.

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4 White Fashion Staples Every Women Must Have In Her Wardrobe!

Who doesn’t love summer? Beach time, long days and endless squad hang out are all just summer things. But summer can sometimes be unpleasant if you don’t choose to wear eye-pleasing colors. White is summer season’s favorite color, it not only makes you look cool also keeps you cool. There are many advantages of wearing white outfits, one is it instantly add freshness to your look. And secondly, it looks truly elegant on all body type.

So, don’t be afraid to wear nothing but white this summer season and simply emphasize how glamorous and elegant you are. while thinking of what white outfit to choose and what not, here’s a fashion guide for you to help. Listed below are ways to style your look elegantly in white outfits.

Before, read the tips, here’s a suggestion of signing up to a reliable fashion portal like Zalora or Farfetch where you get to choose a designer and branded outfits at best prices. Besides, offering a huge collection of trendy fashion staples, these websites also aims to make you shopping budgeted by providing exclusive coupon codes and voucher. Zalora for instance, provide unique Zalora promo code to help you grab best fashion deals on the go.

Now, getting back to the fashion trends of 2019 related to styling white attires take a look at the following guide-

1 # White Jegging with a Crop Top!

Farfetch promo code

Jegging is the most versatile piece of clothing for anyone who wishes to dress up for her evening party or outing with friends. White jegging makes up perfect casual hangout outfit ensembles that look great when paired with crop tops. If you are dressing up for club or rooftop bar party with friends, then a white jegging with a sheer-glittery crop top and high heels makes up a great ensemble for the occasion. White jegging is simply great to look classy and comfy both at the same time.

2 # White Denim Shorts!

Farfetch promo code

Perfect for casual daytime outings, a movie date with your bae or beachside lunch with your girl gang, white denim shorts is the most sought-after piece of a casual ensemble that not makes you look trendy and cool but is also comfortable enough to be worn all day long. These denim shorts look great with off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder crop tops and blouses.

3 # All- White Jumpsuit!

Farfetch promo code

An elegant all-white jumpsuit is another must have white attire that every high-fashioned women should own. A sheer, lacy white jumpsuit is simply a perfect outfit for occasions like Sunday brunch, visiting relative’s places and so on. Team an elegant white jumpsuit with your favorite pair of heels to look flawless and glamorous without many efforts.

4 # Off-the-Shoulder White Dress!

Farfetch promo code

Perfect for beach parties and beachside lunch with your partner or simply a movie date with him, off-the-shoulder white dresses are perfect for all such special occasions. Elegantly elevate your look, a stylish -ff-the-shoulder white dress is comfy and elegant to wear on special occasions during the summer season.

So, these are four great ways to how to dress up in white this summer season. You can buy classiest white outfits and other fashion staples online at affordable prices with Farfetch promo code.

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5 Stylish Fashion Ideas For Teenage Girls!

The teenage girl’s fashion can be the most misinterpret when it comes to looking their best. Some may still wear from kids collection and some girls may start looking from the adult’s women collection. But as a mother, you need to keep your daughter’s style in mind and must make her wear what suits her best.

The teenage young g girls who want to fit in the peer group as most teen girls do, it’s important for them to find their own identity and just not copy for others do. The main thing is to try clothes that suit your body. As some girls grow up really fast, their body starts transforming in adult women so quickly that they may only look for adult women clothes.

Keeping everything in mind and looking at every mother’s tension, we have rounded up some bets fashion advice to the young teens that will help them in looking at more of their age. As a mom, you can here be your opportunity to renew your girl fashions sense with some impressive and ‘it’ fashion styles that are becoming a craze right now.

Find here some fun and fresh fashion tips for teens that they will definitely love trying out.

Fashion Tips For Your Teen Girl 

Here is a list of fashion ideas for teens which they can shop from online at Zalora using Zalora promo code and upgrade their style with ease.

1. Colourful Layering

Yoox promo code

By layering your dress/top with a jacket, shrug, coat, shirt, stole, or vest is one of the most popular styles that goes perfect for all age groups. Girls can try out layering colourful outerwear over their top and gain the confidence to turn everyone’s head. To accessorize further, opt plain denim jeans and sneakers with a colourful crossbody bag (not necessarily matching).

2. Striped Simple Crop Top

Yoox promo code

Crop tops are the teenage and young women best fashion trend. Though adults also wear this top but definitely this crop tops are the best attire for teens. Opt for a cute striped top in a neutral colour like black, white, striped and pair it along with your denim. To bring focus on your top, you can add on accessories or go without makeup to look childish and cute.

3. The Basic Vest

Zalora promo code

The simple vest is the most upgraded fashion accessory that must be on your teen’s closet. You can opt for any shade that will coordinate well with her clothes. The blue denim and a bright colour sneaker can be the best option to compliment the look. Also, add on more accessories on hand to get a layered effect. The best part about this look is you can layer it with a scarf, or even a shirt, tee and jacket.

4. The Classic Blue Denim Jacket

Yoox promo code

A denim jacket is most people’s favourite whether men or women and teens or adults. Definitely, the teen girls can carry it off the denim jacket look boldy on any attire they are wearing. Your girl can buy either a fitted jacket or the big size jacket will also function well when paired up with any clothes i.e. either a dress or jeans-top.

5. Shorts and Stockings

Zalora promo code

Teens love to wear shorts and are must-have apparel in their closet. You can help your teen dress up in simple pair of blue denim along with a stocking underneath either full black or a netted one. Further, she can pull it up with a simple crop top and colourful sneakers and ready to face the world in style.

Hope, you will definitely consider the above stylish looks for your teen girl by choosing the best quality outfit at cheap prices by using Yoox promo code and make her wear apt clothes according to her age.

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Must-Have Summer Maxi Dresses This Hot Season!

Skin-fitting is a history. Today, we love wearing flowy and breezy clothes especially during the hot weather season. In this blog post we will talk about various styles of light-weight, breezing and super-comfortable summer maxi dresses.

During the long, sunny days of warm weather, breathable, lightweight clothing is a must. Among many summer season fashion staples such as skirts, shorts, t-shirts and crop tops, maxi dresses are the most preferred and easy-to-wear wardrobe essential. It is the most stylish, and practical piece of clothing every women have in their closet.

Summer maxi dresses are incredibly flattering and visually elongate the legs when worn with heels or wedges. So, this summer season buy yourself trendy summer maxi dresses that are available in wide variety of designs, prints and styles. Below are few maxi dresses styles that you’ll not mind repeating throughout the season. Scroll down to read more about different styles of summer maxi dresses-

Button-Down Split Maxi Dress!

zalora promo code

This hot weather season, be ready to get lot of compliments wearing a cool and vibrant button-down slit maxi dress. The flowy, A-line silhouette and the button-down closure gives a perfectly relaxed look. The best part of this summer dress is that you can wear as many ways as you wish to wear, but keep the slit high-open or wearing a flowy shrug over jeans and top.

Floral Maxi!

zalora promo code

Although floral maxi dresses are not anything new, especially for warm weather but surely they are great must-have summer staple that comes in multitude of colors and designs. Floral maxi dresses are versatile enough to be worn on all occasions, be it brunch, shopping, evening dates, movie dates, etc.

Tiered Maxi Dresses!

If you are looking for something new and unique then tiered maxi dress is the ultimate summer-season wardrobe essential for you. The tiered style of these dresses are absolutely flattering to suit every body type. Tiered maxis can be worn on all occasions and can be paired with all type of footwear. For that sleek and elegant look, you can team your tiered maxi dress with heels, whole for casual occasions canvas shoes or sneakers are a great option to choose.

Halter Maxi Dresses!

zalora promo code

Sometimes also referred to as sleeveless, racer-back maxi dresses, the breathable maxi dresses with halter neck is another absolute must-have summer staple. The comfy, stretchy fabric of these dresses gracefully fall on your body while creating a sleek and slim look. The dress is perfect for those who are seeking outfit with minimal appeal and love showing off their well-tones shoulders and hands.

Fun Print!

If you are seeking for something that is absolutely eye-pleasing and gorgeous, then printed maxi dresses are perfect solution for you. Go for fun, vibrant prints that are funky and versatile enough to suit all body type.

So, these are a few must-have summer maxi dresses that are worth buying to stay stylish, cool and comfortable even during the hot weather season. If you wish to grab best deals and offers on elegant maxi dresses online, make sure you sign-up to Zalora – a leading fashion website to buy trendy clothes and avail its exclusive Zalora promo code to enjoy maximum savings.

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5 Mesmerizing Beachwear Under $50

It’s time to slay your summer style and walk proudly in upgraded fashion trend.

If you are planning to attend a beach party or visiting a beach this weekend for a relaxing time then do not ignore the must-have beachwear that could really change your fashion game. There are a varied number of fashion staple available online that could change the way you look and you could get a totally transformed look.

In this post, we will take you through some fresh pieces that are ideal for beachwear available at a budget price under $50. With all these styles and trendy essentials for a beach, you could nail your look and can confidently face the sun.

So, when you are ready to leave for a beach – the visions of the sun, waves, and sand start floating in your mind. The warm weather offers a relaxing feeling and makes you all stress-free from the hectic week gone by! Which means that you need to up[grade your wardrobe with fresh apparels. Check out here some must-have essential for a beach that will fill your closet with major beach fashion. And the best part of beach essential available at under $50!

A Retro Bikini

Aliexpress promo code

Though a bikini is a hot ensemble when you buy a retro bikini, you will surely give complex to all cute girls. This teeny weeny red polka-dot bikini available online at absolutely budget price at Aliexpress and probably the most flattered two-piece too. Because of its waist-accentuating high-waisted back, you will feel extra-confident to flaunt.

A Wide Brimmed Hat

Aliexpress promo code

A hat is compulsory on the beach to get protection from the sun and also to flaunt your style with much confidence. With this hat, you can do two things: 1. Shield your skin from harmful UV rays, and 2. Looks quite stylish in the latest trendy hat. Choosing a brimmed hat is the right idea as it is made in UPF 50.

A Lace Cover Up


Wearing a lace shrug on the bikini can be a nice idea if you don’t want to show off too much. This lacy representation equals as a bikini cover and offers a flirty top for your next pool gathering. You could pair it even nicely with a white cami and jeans to get total beach vibes.

A Pair Of Sunglass


No beach day can end without wearing a stylish pair of sunglass. After all, besides enjoyment and fun, you also click a lot of pictures and a pic without a sunglass is incomplete. Throw some solemn shade with a sleek pair of sunglass, also to seek protection for your eyes, buy a UV protection sunglass from online using Aliexpress promo code and block the UV rays entering your delicate eyes.

A Cute Crossbody Bag


You need a small bag for the beach where you can keep some beach essential on it and take out in need. Shop a nice lightweight, a waterproof pouch from Charles & Keith and wear it cross your body without feeling the pressure of holding the bag as who wants to carry around a large beach bag at a party?

Shop all the above best beach essential now and look ultra stylish at a beach party.

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