7 Hacks to Shop Smart at Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale

Unbuckle your wallet as Shopee’s mid-year mega flash sale is here to rekindle your shopping buds. With huge discounts and crazy deals on exclusive products, you might tend to be a shopaholic by the end of the sale. Shoppe as an e-commerce Company gained the trust of millions of users and grew from country to country. Now available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia they offer a lot of deals to gain the trust of their users. Just like that, to make this shopping event even sweeter, here are some tips to consider before jumping on to your favorite deal.

1. Shopee Coins

These are an official virtual currency that can be earned when:
• A buyer completes their order for cash back products choosing, ‘coins cash back voucher’ applied during checkout.
• Collect daily coins visiting Shopee’s app.
• As Shopee prizes.
• When you successfully rate a product.

100 Shopee coins is equivalent to 1$, which can be redeemed while paying for your products.
If you have enough coins acquired from your previous orders, you can use them while purchasing at the flash deals. Even if you don’t own any of them, now you know how you can, and save up for the upcoming deals.

2. Free Shipping Charges at Shopee Mega Flash Sale

It is understandable how some sellers put hefty shipping charges on their products, which makes your shopping experience a little vague. How about you hit this link here, and avail the benefit of receiving no shipping charges for your purchases.
Savings, no matter where they come from, are a healthier choice when you are in the mood of shopping for your desired products. With no shipping charges, when you choose your delivery option at Shoppe, you’re just in for a treat.

3. Punching in Shopee Promo Codes

Everyone loves a complimentary thing, whether it is a desert at a restaurant or a grocery product at a mart. Promo codes are the same when it comes to the term where you can say ‘I shopped smart today’, you can make that choice by clicking here, and go for the smarter option.
Why let go, when you can grab up to 50% off while shopping at Shopee Singapore. These promo code will add perks to your shopping experience, so why miss this opportunity? go get these offers right away!

4. Add Products to “My Likes”

You can add products that you wish to purchase to ‘my likes’, which is available at Shopee Singapore app exclusive. Some of the popular products buyers choose to put in my likes are;
• Durian Curtains
• Bubble Tea
• Jaquar Glassdoor
• Hanguk Kitchen
• Keyboards
• Kitchen Rack
• Kf94 Mask
• Laptop Stand
• Nintendo Switch
• Ninja Van
• Office Chair
• Under Armour Shoes
• Xiaomi Store Products
• Yoga Mat
• Yankee Candle
• Zenfone 8
• Ziplock bag
Go ahead and browse for your favourites, Shoppe’s 8.8 Mega Flash Sales will cater to your shopping needs.

5. Add Products to your Shopee Cart

Choosing the correct product, making sure it is the correct version of what you want, is always a mandatory procedure while shopping. Sometimes when we see an exclusive deal, we jump right on it without reading the details and other things related to the product, ending up in buying the wrong product. When you add products beforehand, and when the deal goes online, you know that the product you are proceeding with, for the checkout, is the correct product that you want. Browsing the shopping list is fun, isn’t it? And we gave you one more reason to spend some more time at Shopee.

6. Cashing on Shopee’s in App Games

We got a whole lot of tricks in our pocket when it comes to saving more for your shopping experience. And we have a fun way to do this, “Shoppe Games”
Playing games like ‘Bubble Games’ and ‘Candy’s Game’ you can earn a lot of Shopee credits, which eventually can be used at the time of checkout, making the total of your shopping cart lesser than what it should have been. Also, you could win the grand prize of ‘iPad 8 Pro’, and a ‘Netbook Laptop’, which makes spending time on these in-app games beneficial in the whole buying experience.

7. Save More through ShopeePay

ShopeePay is offering up to 15% cash back when you use it as a payment option when shopping during this mega sale. Just Scroll through the categories like Electronics, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Furniture and choose your products, make your payment through ShopeePay at the checkout and make the most out of the Mega Sale.
Shopee is offering 25% cash back on the bill payments. Top up your wallet, and take advantage of this benefit they are offering during the sale.

FAQ’s on 8.8 Mega Flash Sale

a. When is the 8.8 mega Flash sale?

8.8 Mega Flash Sale starts on the 26th of July to the 8th of August.

b. Why 8.8 Mega Flash Sale is so popular?

8.8 Mega Flash Sale is popular because of the offers and deals they provide on their products.

c. Why should I shop at the 8.8 Mega Flash Sale?

For savings, and to make the most out of this sale you should shop at the 8.8 Mega Flash Sale.

d. What other sales Shopee offers besides 8.8 mega Flash Sale?

Other sales besides the 8.8 Mega Flash Sale is:
• 4.4 Mega Shopping day
• 5.5 Flash Sale
• 6.6 GSS Kick-off sale
• 11.11 Big Sale
• 12.12 Birthday Sale

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