4 Trendiest Statement Sleeve Styles To Watch Out In 2019!

Statement sleeve trend is the most obsessed and loved fashion trend in 2019. If you love being on trend with the latest styles, then you must be aware of the statement sleeve trend, a trend that showcases different styles of sleeves to uplift the fashion quotient of any normal or casual attire to the next level. For all those fashion-forward women who are obsessed with trying something new and different in terms of styles and designs, this blog post is here to help them.

With so many options and styles to choose from, the statement sleeve trend suits women of all taste and body structure. This year, if you are thinking to infuse something unique and better into your wardrobe, then below is the list of tops, dresses or gowns with different-different sleeve stylings that are worth checking out.

Statement sleeve trend is that one fashion-forward trend that can elevate your look from simple to stylish in no time. From flared to bell-shaped sleeves, from cold shoulders to ruffled one, eccentric sleeves make a huge way to your wardrobe this season. Read through the points to know more-

Bishop Sleeve!


A bishop sleeve style basically features a lightly flared around the elbow area and is fitted towards the cuffs. Bishops sleeve give a billowing silhouette effect. Bishop sleeves look great on knitted sweaters or and tops. A bishop sleeve pullover paired with light washed denim is a perfect combination to wear during pleasant winters.

Mutton Sleeve!


Mutton sleeve is another must-opt sleeve trend in 2019. It is basically a style that features a little poof at the shoulder area while getting narrow and taper down the cuffs. Although the style might look similar to the puff style, both the designs are completely different. Puff sleeve is pleated while mutton sleeves on the other are a bit poofy on the top and get taper as it goes down the sleeves.

Cape Sleeve!


Cape sleeve is another absolutely beautiful sleeve trend you must be looking out in 2019 for sure. The trend is all about lovely drape that flutters in the wind as it flows down. Cape sleeve a stunning style usually features in flared dresses, gown and even crop tops. Cape sleeves look absolutely stunning when design on a vibrant print georgette dress or crop top. A cape sleeve flowy dress in vibrant print makes up a perfect holiday outfit for beach getaways.

Ruffle Sleeve!


A ruffle sleeve top or casual dress is a great spring outfit for women seeking a dramatic street-style look in 2019. Go for a white ruffled sleeve top and pair it up with denim suspender skirt or flared pant to get that absolutely comfortable but trendy look. You can ever pair ruffled tops with culottes for if you wish to get a more breezy look.

So, these are a few statement sleeve trends that are worth checking out this year. You must not forget to register to a reliable fashion portal like Zalora and avail Zalora promo code to enjoy maximum discount and savings on every purchase.

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Footwear To Team Up With Jumpsuits Of Every Style!

Jumpsuits will always be every fashion-forward woman all-in-one clothing piece favorite. And today, the jumpsuit is the new trend in the industry. Everyone love this stylish and most comfortable piece of fashion staple. As we are enjoying the loving spring season, jumpsuits have taken the center stage and are widely being loved and preferred by many women nowadays. This is because they offer a perfect balance for inter-season wear.

When dressing up in jumpsuits, the only things that bother us the most is choosing a perfect pair of footwear to team it up with. Whether it is jeweled sandals with a relaxed-fitting playsuit or high heel stilettos paired with elegantly fitted jumpsuit or simply a pair of heeled boots with your festive romper, picking up right pair of shoes is important as the right footwear has the ability to take an ordinary looking dress from zero to hero in just a matter of second.

If choosing the right pair of shoes for jumpsuit is your major concern, then this blog post is here to help you. The blog post consists of different shoes and sandal that are perfect to team with jumpsuits or rompers. Scroll down to know more-

Pointed-Toe Heels for Wide-Leg Jumpsuits!


If you are wearing an elegant wide-leg jumpsuit and thinking of what to team it up with, then look for a nude tone pointed-toe heels to elongate your body and make you feel super-model ready. Go for some bling or sequin pointed-toe sandals to add a little drama to your look. You can even choose matching tone heels to get a more sophisticated look.

Ankle Boots For Short – Casual Rompers!


Rompers are the most fun and playful piece of clothing perfect for a casual outing with your partner or ladies-day-out-for-shopping scenes. It is the much-loved alternative of the jumpsuit for if you wish to show off your well-toned legs. The best footwear for your casual rompers is ankle boots. These are the most versatile shoes which can be paired with trendy but casual rompers.

Bling Sandals For Fitted-Leg Jumpsuits!


The fitted-leg jumpsuit is ideal for any special occasion where you wish to make a stunning entry and want to steal everyone’s attention. You can pair these body-hugging jumpsuits with some bling by teaming them up with semi-formal heels decorated with some stones or sequin or tiny flowers. They produce a look of elongated legs and taller silhouettes. The combination is perfect for the workplace.

Pumps For Denim Jumpsuits!


Denim jumpsuits are everyone’s favorite and women love wearing these super-easy-to-wear and comfortable denim fashion staple. To elevate your denim jumpsuit heeled pumps are a perfect pair of shoes to wear and get an ultimate street-style look in just a matter of minutes. Go for bright color pumps as they match up well with denim jumpsuits and also add a little drama to your look. Bright-shade pumps greatly complement the texture of denim material.

So, these are four great footwear options to choose to wear with jumpsuits and elevate their look smartly. To grab best deals on trendy footwear online, you must avail Farfetch promo code. 

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4 Tips To Style Your Look With Jumpsuit!

Jumpsuits are the snazziest piece of clothing absolutely stylish, cute and comfortable to wear all day. Jumpsuits, with every passing day, are gaining huge popularity among all high-fashioned women of all ages and sizes. If you are looking for a cool alternative to jeans and dresses as you are tired of wearing those regular dresses and a pair of jeans, then jumpsuit is a perfect option for you to choose!

A jumpsuit is handy enough and trendy to be easily worn anytime, anywhere and that too at any occasion. Although, they are the trendiest option to choose, getting a perfect-fit jumpsuit and styling it properly isn’t an easy task to do.

Jumpsuit fashion today has become the hottest pick of clothing, it has become a primary money maker for fashion professionals. This is because jumpsuits give you the liability of dressing up smartly and. There are many ways to dress up smartly with jumpsuits. Some of them are mentioned below, have a look at the points-

Buy Jumpsuits According To The Occasion!


Jumpsuits are available in a variety of designs, styles, fabric, and patterns. While buying a jumpsuit you must keep the occasion in mind. For formal occasions, the one in solid tone, well-tailored in sleek style is perfect. For casual occasions, on the other hand, jumpsuits in floral prints, wide-legged, cropped style and loose fit featuring drawstring or elasticated waist are great to choose.

Jumpsuit With Belt!


A belt is that vital accessory that pulls off your jumpsuit in the most flattering way as it greatly defines your waist. Wear a belt around your waist for if the style is already fitted and to get a slimmer and column silhouette. Go for a contrasting color belt for your jumpsuit to highlight your outfit even better.

High Heels Looks Great!


We know jumpsuits are an extremely flattering piece of outfit that helps you dress smartly. If you have chosen low waisted, wide-leg jumpsuits, then you must wear high heels to make yourself look taller and leaner. Moreover, some jumpsuits might make a short or medium height woman shorter; so to overcome this problem you must wear high heels, it will keep you look slick and long.

Layer It Smartly!


Layering plays a very important role in making your look, and the best thing about jumpsuits is that you can easily layer them up with tops and jackets. The easiest way to layer your jumpsuit is wearing a jacket over it. Go for smart well-tailored blazer or leather jacket to smartly dress up for formal and semi-formal occasions. there is another way to layer your jumpsuit, i.e. by wearing crop tops, off-the-shoulder tops, turtle-neck sweaters under it.

So, these are some few useful tips for you to style you look with jumpsuits smartly and effortlessly. To buy trendy jumpsuits or any other fashion accessory or clothes or simply a cool pair of stylish footwear at reasonable rates, then all you need to avail is Zalora promo code, with which you can shop trendiest fashion staples at pocket-friendly rates.


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4 Timeless Fall Staples That’ll Last For A Lifetime In Your Closet!

When the leaves change the colour, temperature drops, school starts, new fashion trend hit around every fashion blog and online stores. Being a fashion lover, everyone becomes active in order to fetch themselves the most updated and fashionable clothing. It is easy for you to become excited and tempted by a wide range of options. This is the time when you might wonder things like which pieces will be worth your money.

A women wardrobe mostly include the latest fashionable pieces, after all, women love to shop all the latest designer outfits that strike the market. If you have a similar liking and want to feel updated with the latest fashion trend and the fall staple then look here what best clothes you can buy that will easily last for all season and make you look at your stylish best.

Look here some best seasonal wardrobe down to basics to keep your closet covered all time.

A jacket that can control unexpected weather

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Unexpected weather can sometimes be frightening than anything. Imagine your state when you are out from your house and suddenly rain starts and you are wearing your most beloved summer short dress. This might be the most dreadful situation to imagine! So, it is better to dress beforehand by wearing a Barbour jacket that can withstand all weather conditions. This jacket is a pretty reliable one, it is made with waxed-cotton, corrosion-proof zippers, and double-stitched closures offer weatherproof finish which can be attractive too.

A basic black cardigan 


A black cardigan is simply the perfect attire which you can throw on any outfit when you require a warmness to cover your shoulders and to endure the cold temperature. Shop for any thin cardigan that works best on fall season from any online store like Zalora and use unique Zalora promo code to enjoy it at discounted rates. This is practically the ultimate everyday layering outfit comes along with a variety of neutrals to match your wardrobe clothing.

A pleasant comfortable blouse


Hereby blouses, it means top, shirts or any t-shirts. You must have every type of blouse suiting the occasion and of course the weather. Whether you have to attend a formal meeting or visit any causal event, choose a blouse that can go well along with everyday wear. A casual or formal blouse will be pleasant when you wear it nicely along with jeans or designer pants. To add fun to your staple, choose polka-dots style and a neutral colour palette pant.

A pair of good socks


Under every cute pair of boots is a good pair of socks. Some people might not consider a different socks colour or design as they think that it is a beneath garment that doesn’t need much styling but they are wrong. A nice socks peeping from your shoe can really change the fashion game and make you feel comfortable in your favourite shoes. Choose the most comfortable, thin, fitted, and soft socks from online using Charles and Keith promo code so they will stay put under boots.

All these above four wardrobes essentials will let you survive any weather and make you look stylish!

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3 Easy Ways to Increase the Life of your Shoes

Shoes are often ignored and kept deprived of the attention they rightly deserve. It might be due to the human nature that underrates the shoes as a basic element of the attire even though it is actually very important. This often leads to poor life of shoes even if they are made up of premium quality products. It is time that you take matters more seriously and ensure to take care of your shoes which plays a vital role in your wardrobe by giving you more style combinations to work with.

No matter what the shoes are made of, there is always an essential process that one needs to follow for maintaining their look and shine for long enough. The shoes are always prone to tolerate much more than the rest of your attire and it would only make sense to give them the due care for this factor alone. You can buy as many good shoes as want with these Farfetch Promo Codes, but at the end of the day, it will be upon you to make your investment on the shoes worthwhile. It is not that hard as most people assume it to be. These are 3 basic tips to follow that will keep your shoes well maintained for a longer period of time.

Clean Categorically

CleaningThe cleaning of shoes categorically needs a different treatment which depends upon the material used for manufacturing the shoes. There is a range of fabrics being used to make shoes which range from synthetic mesh, leather, canvas, suede, PU to special fly knit fibres. All these products are different in properties and do not effectively work with a common method. The first thing that you should do is to clean the shoes, either with a wet cloth or sponge in case of washable fibre, and protective spray and conditioner for the leather and suede ones.

Spray Water Protector

waterproof bootsThe shoes are most prone to getting wet due to the variable circumstances, road conditions, weather disturbances and even indoors too in case of random accidents. There is nothing predictable in this world and it would not be a good idea to leave your expensive shoes open to all these surrounding threats especially if it is alien to water. For such shoes, you can easily find water protector sprays which upon spraying make your shoe resistant to water and will not temper even after getting wet.

Always Use Sock Liner

sock linersThis is a very important thing which many people ignore especially in case of sneakers and loafers. The socks liner is an absolute must for any shoes no matter which kind it is. The reason behind this the fact that there is always a nasty impact on the inner linings and intel layer of the shoes if a person uses them without sock liners. The shoes would usually make the feet sweat and perspire which eventually creates wetness that truly reduces the life of a shoe with each use. So better spend a bit more and get a few pairs of sock liners. At least, it would keep your shoes safe from any such damage. You can find a wide range of sock liners made from premium cotton using these Zalora Promo Codes and get amazing discounts on your orders online.

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4 Trendiest Coats And Jackets To Watch Out In 2019!

As soon as the winter starts and there is freezing chill in the air, then there’s nothing better layering clothes than coats. Coats and jackets are those most essential winter staples that will keep you warm throughout the chilling weather. But, with myriads of options available to choose from, it is difficult to choose the best and most stylish coat and jackets for yourself.

When the starts chilling, there’s no better way than to wrap yourself up in cozy and warm jackets and coats, but there are plenty of styles to choose from corduroy coats to puffer jackets to faux fur, there are many styles to choose from. If you love shopping online, then you will get the convenience of choosing from the widest collection and purchasing at reasonable rates, without even stepping out of your home. You can avail Zalora promo code to enjoy maximum savings and discounts on every purchase with the shopping portal.

While if you are finding difficulty in finding the best and trendiest one for yourself, I have come up with some of the stylish coats and jackets for winter 2019 that will keep you fashionably warm all winter long. Take a look at the list given below-

1 # Heritage Checks!


This winter 2019, go for a more subtle herringbone scale and try something heritage and classic with colorful, pleated coats. Makin a stunning comeback in the fashion industry, heritage check coats are a great option to elevate your workplace look sophisticatedly. Note that, the bigger the heritage checks and the longer the length of the coat, the better it looks.

2 # The Parka!


For that cozy yet smart look, go for these military-inspired style coats and jacket that has become an essential staple for battling chilling cold weather. The two major things going for the parka is that it is warm and stylish both at the same time. The Parka jackets and coats are cost-effective and never go out of style. Go for black, khaki, grey, blue or beige Parka that goes well with almost all outfits.

3 # Faux Fur Coats!


Known for adding an instant hit of class and fun to your look, faux fur coats are season’s biggest hit from the runways. The classic style of these faux fur coats offers a more demure color and a more adventurous-cozy look. These are another essential trend of the season.

4 # Sherpa Jackets!


Often referred to as the teddy bear coats, you will see sherpa jackets everywhere as these are not only stylish and classy but are absolutely comfortable and cozy to be wrapped all day long. You’ll feel like wearing a security blanket. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, thus cozy plush jackets are something you will definitely gonna love this winter season.

So, these are the four most stylish and cozy coats and jackets which you must buy this winter season. Choose from the widest assortment of trendy coats and jackets online by signing up to a reliable fashion portal like Zalora.

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5 Winter Outfit Ideas You Can Wear On Repeat!

As the winter mornings get chilly and dark, it can be quite difficult task to leave the bed and get worry on what to wear!?

Are you looking to fight the cold winter without sacrificing your fashion game? Precisely, we know what you need and how to make that happen! Keep the cool at bay and make efforts to look your best even though layering up too many clothes.

In this post, we have covered up all fashion styles and trend you probably need for winters. From chic skinny jeans and professional coats to vintage cashmere sweaters and turtleneck woollen tops, this season’s collection is definitely as cool as the temperature outside.

Below is some best style you want for this season, take a look at these popular styles that are must-have wardrobe essentials for this chic season. Shop all these best and desirable fashion style from Zalora and build a nice winter wardrobe collection at very affordable prices.

1. Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are without a doubt the best to wear on winters. The streamlined silhouette allows you to add on more and multiple items on top to feel warm. Choose to style it up by wearing flat heel boots and a leather jacket that will precisely make your look quite cool. The style will wokr best both on daytime as well as night time.

2. Cashmere Sweater


Nothing can be a better option to wear a chic cashmere crewneck sweater for any casual day outing. This chic sweater can be layered up nicely along with a perfect dress up or dress down. The plus point of this sweater is that it can go with all style whether you choose to wear jeans or a skirt or gown. When worn out with a collared shirt projecting from underneath, it gives quite a cool look.

3. Statement Coat


During winters, a warm statement coat is anytime perfect. It is a fashion on-point look and probably the most important garment for your wardrobe. Choose a nice coloured statement coat having a pop of colour will bring more presence to your style and can be styled up with any neutral or all-black outfit.

4. Knitted Jumper Dress


The easiest way to look glam, as well as weather friendly, is to choose a knitted jumper dress. For added warmness, accessorize it with tights or dart your favourite winter coat on top as an outer layer which can be removed when required. This style is also quite comfortable and relaxed version style that can never go wrong. In addition, style it up with a boot or shoes to give a winter-perfect look.

5. Over The Knee Boots


When you wish to attain winter perfect look then boots style can never go wrong and if that boot is over the knee boots then your fashion game is on-point. Style the knee boots with jeans and a jumper at any casual daytime look or glam it up with a short skirt or shorts at night.

Shop all these staples for your winter fashion style using Zalora promo code to enjoy these style at affordable prices.

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Jackets Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe!

The climate has officially dropped and its time to wrap yourself up with warm, cozy jackets and coats to stay protected from chilly weather. To make your winter wonderful, you must have a versatile closet consisting of items that can be paired up with anything easily.

As soon as the temperature decreases, we all take out our coats and jackets to layer and keep our body warm and cozy. This winter, if you haven’t purchased any coat or jacket, although you are thinking to do so, then this article is for you. In this blog post, you will learn about some of must-have coats and jackets that every high-fashioned person must have in their closet. Sign up to a reliable fashion portal like Zalora and use its discounts vouchers to enjoy maximum savings and discounts on every purchase.

Below are top picks everyone should have in their winter wardrobe for sure to enjoy the chilly season in style.

1 # Trenchcoat!

480x99999 (2)

If your winter closet does not consist of a trenchcoat then your closet is incomplete. It is the most versatile piece of winter clothing that can be either worn loose or open. No matter what you are wearing inside, trench coats make you look incredibly stylish and royal like Meghan Markle effortlessly.

2 # Parka Jackets!

480x99999 (3)

Often comes in the shades of cargo print or olive green, Parka jackets is a perfect coat to wear when with friends or movie dates or weekends out. Parka jackets are heavy and thick and are usually have hoodies. While buying a parka jacket for yourself, look out for the one with fur lined hoodie that greatly elevates your look.

3 # Biker Jackets!

480x99999 (4)

This winters, add a classic biker jacket to your closet which is an ultimate piece of fashion that adds a funky vibe to any outfit. Wear a white creaseless shirt and a leather pant or blue jeans and then slide over a classic leather jacket that not only elevates your look completely but your attitude as well.

4 # Fur Coat!

480x99999 (1)

Get your hands on the fully lined fur coats, a great piece of layering item for winters that protects you from the chilly cold. These are absolutely cozy and warm and greatly cover your body with ultimate cate. Fur coats are soft and come in a wide array of crazy colors, prints, and textures.

5 # Puffer Jackets!


Puffer jackets are available for people of all ages today. Available in bold, vibrant colors such as yellow, red, blue, pink, etc., these jackets not only keep your as warm as like you are wrapped in a duvet, but also look super and funky when worn over casual shirt and jeans. While buying a puffer jacket for yourself, look out for the one with a hoodie to get extra protection.

So, these are 5 must have coats and jacket that keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter season. While buying a trendy coat or jacket for yourself, make sure to use Zalora promo code to enjoy maximum discounts and savings.

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5 Best Singapore Based Mens Clothing Brand We Love!

Singapore is a place that offers some great opportunities to all types of travellers and fashion lovers. From offering plenty of homegrown clothing options for females to some great menswear brands. There’s undoubtedly some great menswear that offers some flashy windows display and billboard advertisements that can really update men’s fashion game.

If you’re a type of person who is style conscious and don’t prefer all types of style then here in this post, we will reveal to you some cool men’s brands in Singapore that will surely make you confident and you can easily impress others with your style.



You know they say that clothing makes a man. A well-branded cloth can easily become the most preferred style for man and can let him be on top of his fashion game. The Duxton brand is many men’s favourite brand and the vision behind this style is straightforward that let you be confident in your own style.

The clothes style can make you feel confident and encourage you to follow your dreams and achieve the complete style. The famous Justin Henley tee ($99) is quite relatable and relatable and unconscious. The long sleeve t-shirt can make you look funky with some exciting patterns.  The brand offers the highest quality fabric and all sewed items made in Los Angeles and the woven fabrics are made in Japan.



Blazers are in huge trend these days especially during the winter season thereby many men must be looking for the best brand that offers them a good label which helps them resist Singapore cold weather. The jackets carry weight on about 300 grams and designed truly in Neapolitan style having round patch pockets having wide labels.

The style is purely complete and unstructured, probably perfect for the warm season. The SACCO brand’s pieces are all designed in Italy with corozo buttons and textiles from the traditional mill.

The Authority

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The authority is also among the topmost demanded brand that is running in business for long three years now. The Authority has drawn many new fans and has a constant flow of customers at its Orchardgateway shop, because of the online presence.

The brand is quite popular among the younger generation too. The fashionable types who prefer graphic designers, artists, can surely enjoy the jacket at very affordable prices. Mostly the monochromatic is preferred by many men as it employs a functional and minimalist appearance to its clothes with a slight touch of Korean style too!


Zalora Promo codes

Do you love Japanese aesthetics as much as we do? Then, Biro is under-the-radar menswear label that is run by brothers Chong Keng How since the year 2013. The Japanese can have a good time enjoying the cotton floral tops and chambray shirts to some lightweight pinstripe trousers.

All of their pieces are finely produced in a different number of ways in Japan some offers clients like Comme Des Garcons and Vivienne Westwood Japan. The Biro’s designs are demanded by many men as its contrasting stitches, fixed pockets, rounded hems, and other fine details make it up unique.



Confused by the once terrible state of menswear in Singapore, Larry Peh launched Faculty a few years earlier and is much more clamour. The collections are primarily based on Japanese trends and its owned factories offering simple cuts, quality fabrics, detailed cuffs.

The most popular and most preferred by men is white club oxford shirt that comes up with larger cuffs to correspond generous watches with a deep patch pocket for a pen and notebook.

When in Singapore, make sure you only choose the above latest menswear branded wear. You can shop all these branded menswear at slashed prices by using Zalora promo code.


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Why Fleece Has Gone High In Fashion During Winters? Shop Them Now!

A few weeks back, the fashion world was blooming with some trending staples that could change the fashion sense wholly. Normcore was quite becoming popular but it was replaced with the other trending fashion styles like athleisure and grandpa fashion. But normcore has gone very far from the preference.

Those who want to enjoy some frenzy fashion trend including latest designer socks and sandals too then there are few staples that have made a come back in the fashion world like boilersuits, turtlenecks, mom jeans and the latest and newest – fleece.

When the weather changes and cold strikes in then you mostly reach to your old stock and upgrade your fashion. Out of all of the stuff, normcore and utilitarian are here to make a splash at the market with some unique comfort fabric selected after the Netflix and excellent to coveted fashion pick.

The hoodies to sweatshirt are quite a favourable option for many. Choose an irresistibly nubby and cosy fabric that will be perfect for you to survive the winters as well as stay updated on your fashion game. Here in this post, we will share with you peak fleece fashion trend such as fleece half-zips and pullovers in a variety of faux shearling and sherpa wool fabrics. Shop any of the fabrics from using Zalora promo codes and enjoy great savings on your shopping.

Here are why Fleece is becoming popular and choose the best one for yourself now in this winters!

The Elevated Fleece Look

Zalora promo codes

The most surprising thing is during Spring 2018 runways the fleece look has changed the trend. Many designers like Y/Project and Sandy Liang revealed us that fleece isn’t quite so basic. The elevated fleece look has gained huge importance and proceeded to develop with the growth of the hiking trend and the dropping of the heats.

If one needs more proof that fleece is the latest trend then you may see Gigi Hadid recent look. She was spotted wearing a textured half-zip fleece pullover styled with a crossbody bag, wearing snakeskin boots and menswear pants.

The Comfortable Sportswear Fleece Look


Some may consider fleece style as polarizing as fashion flip flops or bike shorts. generally, this trend is more a trend that offers cosy fabric. Many members enjoy the classic look by flaunting the sportswear fleece look.

Fashion Forward Fleece Options


Have you witnessed the North Face and Patagonia, if yes, then you surely understand the Scandinavian-inspired minimalist outfits that are a popular fashion staple for the year 2018? Other fashion is also making a noise like the borg jackets, cropped hoodies, hats and even dresses.

Fleece Bomber Jackets


The fleece trend offers fresh designs than the routine bomber jackets and puffer coats. If you want to look a bit different in the summers then go for fleece staple and wear them all winter long.

This trend was liked by men first, they appreciate the outerwear gem, and enjoyed wearing the versatile piece of clothing that make whole look cool sartorial statement. The jacket is worthy enough to keep you warm in the winters.

So, choose your favourite fleece you fancy about and remember that antique fleece is the top and freshest option to buy.

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