Classy Fashion Trends You Must Add To Your Wardrobe This Summer Season!

While we have bid goodbye to the chilling cold weather, the calendar now says, its summers! A season when you need to wear really easy-to-wear, comfortable outfits made of breathable, sweat-absorbing outfits.

Summer fashion should be something that should provide utmost comfort and ease without compromising one’s style quotient. In this write-up, you will get know more about the latest summer fashion for women.

All the high-fashioned women seeking to revamp their closet with classy style must be aware of the latest trend. From floral dresses to denim shirts to sheer tops to slip dresses, all these are must-have staples that you must to stay classy, stay sassy and stylish throughout the summer season.

Scroll down to check out the classic collection of on-trend women’s summer fashion staples that you must add right now.

Power Pastels!

StyleHunter sg

Shades of periwinkle, baby yellow, baby pink, lilac, pastel blue, etc., are few eye-pleasing colors that you must not forget to pick this summer season. Soothing to eyes, these shades are in huge demand and make your look elegant yet stylish. To create a very subtle yet high-fashioned style statement invest in some focal dress pieces like slip dress, flared mini dress, a blouse of pastels shades. Not only this, wearing teaming your top with pastel shade wide-leg pants or skirt will definitely going to help you attain that glam yet subtle look without any hassle.

Statement Shoulder!

StyleHunter sg

This summer season style your shoulders and flaunt them up with statement shoulder tops and dresses. 2018 summers, is all statement shoulder, i.e. from cold shoulder outfits to one-shoulder to off-the-shoulder dresses, there are many options to choose from. Statement shoulder trend is in great demand and while you choose to revamp your wardrobe, make sure you add some of the latest-in-trend statement shoulder outfits to it.


StyleHunter sg

The asymmetric fashion trend is yet another widely popular outfit trend that you must opt right now. From high-low, sheer flared dress to long-hanging corners skirts to multiple hanging rings tops or dress, you will find this fashion trend everywhere. Pair a high-low, front-slit top with ribbed jeans to funky, playful look to carry all day long. If you are going to attend a Sunday brunch together or a going for a lunch date with your partner, pair soft-georgette fabric high-low flared dress with strappy sandal, and you’re ready for the day.

Denim Power!

StyleHunter sg

As soon as the summer strikes calendar, you will find denim on huge demand especially denim shorts and dresses. So, while glamming-up your summer wardrobe, don’t forget to add some classy pieces of denim such as ribbed jeans ribbed shorts, denim shirt and denim front-open dresses to your wardrobe. Ideal for all occasions, denim are must-have fashion staple during summers. Wear a denim shirt dress, accessorize it with a sturdy leather belt and a pair of white sneaker and you’re casual yet a playful, a funky look is ready for the fun.

So, high-fashion women, if you are thinking to revamp your summer closet, then do consider the above mention latest-in-fashion trends.

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The Latest Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Know!

Singapore Street SyleEvery year there is a good run of the trends. Be it be the statement tees, metallic shimmer, Velvet blue but with 2018’s summers coming close, it’s time to look at the trends that will indeed be daunting and will shake you up with the tremendous look.

With the arrival of spring and summers, there are many changes in the fashion industry and you being the fashionista should be updated with all the fashion trends that can really influence you with the flourishing vogue range.

Get your eyes on the fashion trends and grab the discounts on every shopping. The currently prevailing fashion trends will make you elevate your fashion and will also help you enjoy the savings.

So, what’s the women’s wear essentials and the season’s hottest colors? Get to know the top standout wears that will escalate your wardrobe this season.

Sport’s Wear

Singapore style

This is going to be the ruling trend of the upcoming season. The sport’s wear elevates the look and makes you look stylish in an unusual way. For spring/summer, you can grab Flat shoes, even sneakers will do the job. Also, the technical fabrics that are used alongside the other luxury fabrics, even the shorts that can be worn with glam blazers, and the soccer jerseys or polo shirts worn that can be worn with the refined accessories and details.

Soft Pastels

Singapore Style

Where there were bold and vibrant color ruling the fashion hub. There is these soft pastel colored clothing taking the lead and now, the soft and subtle shades are abounded to rule the fashion era. The color like pastel blue,  powdered pinks, white, nudes and light yellow shades.

Asymmetric Cuts

Singapore Style

The vogue industry showed a multitude of pieces with many symmetric cuts for the season. Tops, blouses were earlier in symmetry and revealed the single shoulder that added a touch of feminine and glamour. But now, the asymmetric designs like Miniskirts that will be seen shorter at one side than the other, teaming up with the jackets that will also be designed in a similar way.

Leather Denim

Singapore style

You all are well aware of the pieces of denim that can make any fashion reach up to a certain level. But what if the same leather gets blended with some leather? Yes, leather has always been on the top of the fashion trends because it makes you look way more bold and yet beautiful.

Flowers Into Bloom

Singapore Style

Printed fashion especially flowery prints are making a huge comeback. This season. The summer season can witness or will be witnessing flowers are back, with the same colorful blooms and the natural florals that can be seen in mini and XXL versions. The dresses you will wear this summer will be adored by all the people while you will be walking down the streets.

Get your fashion trends now handy and enjoy the best summer deals on the portals that you wish to shop from. The special deals of the season are much awaited and you can get your hands on some of the mesmerizing range of trendy wears. So, why waste the energy and efforts? when everything is so convenient.

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4 Types Of Fashion Styles, Which One Is You?


Fashion is a trend which everyone follows in their own distinctive way. With everyone has different unique style, they also try to keep up with the trend that is prevailing in the market.

Fashion is something we deal with almost every day. Those people who say they don’t care about the clothes they wear, somewhere deep inside they think about it. A person dressing style and the type of clothes say a lot about them and how they feel that day.

Fashion style is like a personality sketch that represents a personality out of a fashion theme. For example, you may have a chic fashion style, then most of the time you will draw to chic themes in apparel consciously.

So, here are some top fashion styles selected that helps will help you in selecting a better style.

Vintage Fashion Style


Vintage fashion style is one of the most affordable fashion styles, it is an old fashion style which has a style from the past. If you will notice the different vintage style of dresses, from flapper dresses to playmate clothing and from retro swimwear to indie apparel.

Everywhere the vintage look is a peak fashion from the generation of 20’s to the 70’s. It is those one trend that still can be worn out with much ease and comfort.

Bohemian Fashion Style


Bohemian style is much of artistic interest style such as art style. However, this style focuses on a different Bohemian style that focuses on some fascinating designs and strategies.

This is a free-spirit Bohemian style that attracts impulses from the gypsy look’s complex patterns, rustic blouses, various chains, head wrappers, and also hippy ponchos. To wear this style is a bold statement because of its wild patterns and exotic texture.

Chic Fashion Style


Chic fashion style is one of the most popular fashion styles that are trendy and girly at the same time. “Chic” is often synonymous with “stylish” or “fashionable”. Those who want to prefer this style love to choose stylish designs that are attractive and smart.

This style cannot be included in casual wear but the style is something that relates to being casual in a fashionable attire. If you are part of this style, your wardrobe is a representation of the style.

Classic Fashion Style


Classic style can be the perfect comfortable style, but truly it concentrates on the quality and traditional styles which are not in fashion today but is popular all time. The classic style such as white button-down blouses, flat ballet, a wide-leg trouser and leather boots.

This style has mostly few collection and those few make a perfect wearable choice. The classic attire has a superb fabric with impeccable tailoring. It further focuses wearing a  dress with elegance, style, and grace.

Therefore, which fashion style is you and which you prefer to wear! Share your views in the comments below.

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5 Glamourous Outfit Ideas For Valentine’s Day!


Ladies, preparing for your special date, as Valentine’s Day is approaching? Are you excited about how you are going to dress-up to impress your partner? Are you seeking different-different outfit ideas for the upcoming special occasion?

But the excitement has been overpowered by your confusion of what to wear on that special day? Then this is the perfect time to give your wardrobe a fresh new twist simply by adding a trendy new outfit to it.

Take a look at some trendy and stylish dress outfit ideas that you can opt for, this Valentine’s Day. Dresses are considered to be the simplest and easiest mode to looking glamorous and beautiful on a special day.

Listed below, a definitive guide for ladies who are still deciding what to wear on their special date this Valentine’s Day-

Fit & Flare Red Dress!


Ideal for little bumpy girls and women, a fit & flare dress covers your heavy waist area gracefully, providing flares that look absolutely beautiful. With a simple neckline, you can accessorize this dress with any darker shade belt and golden neckpiece. Try buying a classic-smooth fabric dress for a flawless fitting. Get yourself a flare dress of red color, an ideal outfit for you to wear on Valentine’s Day date. Pair-up the dress with a strapping black or golden high heels and a faux fur jacket over it.

Skirt & Top Combo Dress!


Perfect for a brunch time, a skirt and top combo dress when paired up with tight boots, make up an ideal option for chilly weather date. Pick up an off-the-shoulder velvet top and pencil skirt of contrasting colors and combine to form as sheer elegant dress outfit ideal for Valentine’s Day special date occasions. This outfit idea is ideal for the ladies who love to wear a combination of bold and pastel color.

Wrap Dress!


Sking-fitting, hugging wrap dress is yet another perfect outfit idea for the special date-night. Perfect for tall and lean girls, a wrap dress can be accessorized with a statement hoop earrings. Wrap dresses are ideal because these make you look attractive and glamorous. Stylize your look by pairing your wrap dress with either a mid-heel wedges sandal or contrasting shades pumps.

The Denim Dress!


Being a bit casual, you can even wear a denim dress on your Valentine’s Day special date. It is an all-time fashion trend which is absolutely comfortable and stylish, perfect for all occasions.  Make a very casual yet fashionable statement on your date by wearing a cute, short denim dress with a classy mid-heels boot or sandal. You can even wrap a broad belt around your waist for that perfect-fitting outfit look.



This Valentine’s Day, dress up stylishly with a sheer, netty jumpsuit that looks absolutely cool for any location. Wear a V-Line jumpsuit, adding some inner color to it. Try buying a red color jumpsuit that can be accessorized golden accessories such as bracelets, necklace, dangle earrings, etc., and a pair of high heels.

So ladies, look absolutely gorgeous and glamorous by wearing any of the above-mentioned dress outfit ideas.

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How Changing Your Style Can Change Your Life


Nowadays fashion is not just merely putting on things to present your look but it is more than that. It is your style and the grace with which you carry your outfit. No matter you are wearing a traditional outfit or cool trendy clothes, you should know how to embrace your look.

A smart person is not the one that looks goods but a smart person is defined as the one that wears good and has style to carry those attire. Even a loose shirt and baggy trousers go unnoticed if you do not carry it stylishly. So, if you feel to buy an attire that looks good, make sure you have that body and physique to carry it,. Imagine a scene, a lean person is wearing a loose and baggy clothes; this would be very hard for a person to carry it smartly. An important thing while choosing your clothes is to find that dress that fits in your body.
Here are few things you need to consider while you are shopping your clothes.

Well-Fitted Clothes

singapore fashionClothes are the important factor in making you look stylish, so when you are buying a new attire for yourself make sure you choose a well-fitted cloth that structures you perfectly.

Some people believe that buying expensive clothes reflects them stylish but the truth is yet to be told. It is not the money that matters, it is the fit and texture that matters. Choose that attire that that suit your body type and enhance your assets. Make sure you dress sharply and smartly that has a huge impact how people treat you.


stylehunterA good cloth will add to your personage, and grooming yourself will add five stars to it. A perfectly cut hair, good makeup, well-manicured nails and for men good trimmed beard or shaven look and of course a good posture are all important to make you look like a charming and beautiful.

Grooming is quite the important part of making you look worthy to stand in a crowd. A person is well-noticed with their clothes and how well he/she carry themselves. Do not feel any less than anyone else but walk each step with confidence.

Fit Body

fashionThe style definitely goes beyond just being fashionable and comfortable. If you are fit and your body is in perfect shape then definitely you can pass on in your style with flying colors. A fit body, definitely makes a well-groomed appearance and an expensive looking wardrobe will greatly modify your life for the good.

You can follow a strict diet and exercise daily, this will definitely help you in achieving a perfect body. By getting into perfect shape you will feel good about yourself and this will reflect in your communication with others.


Picture2By adding good accessories it will help greatly in enhancing up your look. A good watch, a smart pair of sunglasses, cool handbag and such other things will impact greatly on how you look. You can few more essential accessories and can highlight your every asset.

When you go out, people notice these detailed things and it creates a good image in the minds of people. Consequently, improve your style and see how it changes your life for a better.

Choose your best attire from many online fashion stores available that offers everything at reasonable prices. Get them now!

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5 Singapore Weather-Friendly Women Fashion Trends of 2018


Now, definitely, you are sick of your wardrobe but still, you have no idea what to buy for your next shopping haul. If yes, then look in here and find out the best trend to try out!

See how time flies! It seems as if it was yesterday when we were celebrating Christmas and looking for best party dresses to wear. Now, we are almost at the end date of January and now we are looking for best attire that can be worn out in this weather. Here, in this blog you will find some of the best attire, you can wear whole this year.

If you will ask any fashion buff, you will get to know about the struggle of not being able to wear incredible fall trends in sultry Singapore. Just because you have to settle for the summer pieces, however, this doesn’t mean that you’ll look any less beautiful.

Here, check out some of the best on-trend looks that you can easily flaunt in 2018.

#1: Off-Shoulder Tops


Off-the-shoulder blouses are a perfect clothing to wear. As it looks ultimate on your dressing as well as it also lets your fashion game on point. A little shoulder skin show will give you the perfect feel that you can add wonderfully with palazzo pants for an ultra comfy work outfit. You can choose this at any summer day and flaunt your style when worn in pretty pastel tones

This is claimed to be the special cool-chic top that looks the best on your body.

#2: Gingham Clothing


Gingham is typically checked in white and a bold color. It may look like a tablecloth but it is actually a total in trend clothing. The color combination black and white is a very likable and versatile color combination. You can wear this type of top, dress, or even it looks great on the skirt too.

Gingham and frills go extremely well together, so you can easily carry it in style. Or if you wish to create a more feminine outfit then you can choose to wear on frill style.

#3: Statement Sleeves


Embroidered sleeves are a big on the runway last year, and so in demand by many Singaporean women. These sleeves look feminine as well as look cool when you wear it.

This is specially made for a memorable and powerful silhouette. So, just slip on a top with voluminous sleeves for days and boost in confidence.

#4: White Shirts


White shirts are the must-have in every women’s wardrobe. You can style this white shirt with different style. You can play around with texture when buying your white shirt. If you are thinking about what fabric to choose then you choose such as silk, linen, and cotton make for the comfiest hot weather clothing that will keep you feeling cool and chic.

#5: Tie-Front Tops


Shop a top for yourself that you can tie up a knot in the front. This concept is rather similar to the one above but the tie is now situated at the bottom of the top. This will look cool as well can be worn out beautifully.

Here, all the women, now you are ready to conquer the world with your ultimate dressing style!!

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Trendiest Women’s Dresses For That Special Occasion!

Your looks define you and what you wear becomes an essential part of your personality. This is why it is extremely important that you choose your dresses with care and caution so that you are perfectly dressed for every occasion. You need an appropriate dress for all the occasion and for every event, whether it is a graduation party, a wedding, formal wear or even if you are a bridesmaid.

Nowadays you can procure all your trendiest outfits that will let you give the best of the options to shop from. Even when you fall short of the dresses in the market. Grab the quick compilation of a few dresses that should feature in your wardrobe.

Bridesmaid Dresses


If you are the bridesmaid then, the first step is to get the right dress for yourself that should be well coordinated with the rest of the gang. This is actually fun because the complete coordination looks very pretty and amazing to watch.

Engagement Dresses


Although engagements are the semi-formal events, that you can let out the fashionista in you to look your best at such an event. You can be experimental with different sorts cuts, colors, latest fashions and trends without any limitation because there are no pre-defined customs here.

Prom Dresses


A prom night is a special event for every girl and you certainly need to look your best. You need to pick one that you are most comfortable in. This could vary from an LBD to a long flowy gown in colors like ivory white, red, emerald green, etc. that allows you to dance and move freely.

Graduation Dresses

This is another memorable event that comes to your life. When you are graduated and leave college it is a really emotional journey. This is an official occasion and you need to be formally dressed for it.

Cocktail Dresses

These dresses are ideally worn at formal and semi-formal social occasions. The modern fashion also has knee-length dresses in formal cuts. Separates are also a great option for such events. You can also experiment with necklines but choose one that flatters your complete body shape.

 Formal Dresses


When it comes to formal dressing then Formal shirts, blouses, trousers, paired with a scarf or necktie make the perfect workwear combinations.

There are many online portals that will give you the best collection and in fact, you can grab the best of the deals when it comes to buying online..

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4 Ways To Save On Your Fashion Shopping!

Stylehunter SG

Online shopping is a fun because it lets you save money and especially when you are shopping for the latest fashion. It is extremely easy to stay updated with latest trends in fashion with leading online stores. The stores have the newest collection in fashion across various categories for both men and women alike. Apart from competitive prices of all products available at online stores, you can look forward to a whole lot of deals that allow you to save a few extra dollars letting you get more value for the money that you spend.

Here are few ways that will let you save money on your shopping.

Daily Free Gifts

Stylehunter SG

This is really beneficial because this will make your shopping an extravagant one. You can get ‘Daily Free Gifts’ when you shop at online fashion store!

There are two simple ways to claim your daily gift.

  • You can do so by either downloading the app that allows you to shop for all your fashion needs even while you are on the move.
  • Secondly, you can do so by getting the gift code that is available at the website. You can simply copy and paste the code and claim your gift.

Weekly Flash Sale

Stylehunter SG

You can look forward to weekly flash sales when you shop at YesStyle that allow you to save up to 50% on all kinds of products that you buy from here. You can buy leading beauty products as well as other stuff at unimaginable prices that help you save and get more while you spend less.

Special Deals And Offers

Special deals and offers you can look forward to extraordinary deals and offers that help you save money. you can get-offs on leading brands, both local and international across all product categories right from hair accessories, jewelry, beauty tools, etc.

Conventional Sales

Stylehunter Sg

Conventional sales like occasionally the sales that occur on the websites this really benefits your shopping procedure and hence conventional sales play a really important role when it comes to smart shopping. If you want to grab the best of the deals you have to pay keen attention to the daily deals that come up on the shopping sites.

These are a few ways that you can truly save while shopping at the online stores and have a great shopping experience. Be the happy customer and enjoy a smart shopping and grab the leading trends at a reasonable price!

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4 Fall Jackets Trends That You Must Be Owning!

As the calendar reads fall, its time for you to starting stocking up the latest trend for the colder season. When talking about winter closet staples, the first and foremost name that pops up in your mind instantly are winter jackets.

With the constant changes taking place in the fashion trends and styles, you will find that winter jackets are available in myriads of designs, patterns, styles, and sizes.

Stylehunter presents you with complete information about the latest winter jackets you must be choosing or buying this winter season. Let’s take a look at the latest winter jacket trends-

Shearling-Corduroy Winter Jackets!

Style Hunter

Buy a cool yet stylish piece of corduroy-shearling jacket for yourself that posses absolutely no rules, whether you go as loose or as structured as you wish and layer it with whatever you like, jeans, tees or sheer dress, the choice is all yours. There is no specific rule for layering the jacket with.

Made from a recently shredded lamb or sheep, Shearling is a skin, luxe-fluffy material which is often favored as an accent or a lining in moto jackets or parkas and is tanned as well as dressed in the leftover wool.

Puffer Jackets!


Add one of the coziest outerwears this winter season to your closet, by purchasing a nice, cozy, tactile fabric and vibrant print puffer jacket for yourself. Resembling just the same as a sleeping bag, these puffer jackets are highly functions that make you feel absolutely safe and comfortable. Puffer jackets are generally quilted in different-different patterns and designs, that are suitable for all types of layering.

Velvet Blazer


Velvet trend this season has taken a grand return with slightly a new persona, the one which is more elevated than the past seasons. Get a jewel-toned velvet blazer for yourself this winter season ideal for all occasions, be it semi-formal, casual or party. If you are dressing for an official dinner with your boss and you don’t want to layer your formal pants and shirt with the regular coat then a velvet blazer is all you need.

Retro Leather Jacket 


Yet another variant of winter jacket that you shouldn’t be overlooking this fall season is the Retro Leather Jacket. Add these timeless, classic piece of winter jackets to your wardrobe for all those fun-filled hangouts with your friends. Simply layer these leather jackets on a cool slogan tee paired-up with skin-fit jeans or leather skinny pants and boots.

So, these are winter essential jacket you must buy for yourself in order to tackle the chilling weather with style.

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5 Must-Have Fashion & Accessories Items You Need To Consider For A Holiday Look!

Fashion Has The Power To Transform Your Personality Completely!

Yes, fashion is something that directly reflects your personality and taste. Be it is formal or casual or funky, you will find thousands of option to choose from.

Today, the fashion industry is flourishing like anything and it is changing every now and then. Designers are coming up with hundreds of trends and styles every day.

Given below are some must-have exclusive piece of fashion and accessories that you need to buy while deciding your holiday look.

Lazada is the leading brand name in the world of latest fashion retailers or suppliers, best known for offering finest range of trendiest designer collection at unmatched prices. From clothing to footwear to accessories to beauty products, you name it and the store will offer a plenty options to choose from.

Ruffled Blouse


Ruffles are the latest key trend, decorated necklines, blouses and sleeves, you are going find a plenty of flouncy frills everywhere nowadays. Delicately layered ruffled blouses are easy to dress up or down, these are soft, adorable and feminine, and allows you flaunt your style gracefully. Playful ruffles and pleats go well with almost every bottom wear.

Tulle Skirts


Glam up your look adding some frilly bounce by pairing a classy ruffled-neckline top with a pastel-shade tulle skirt. These tulle skirts are soft, feminine and adorable. Relive the joys of your childhood fancy frill dress, that used be so fluffy and soft, with this latest fashion staple introduced in the market. Tulle Skirts looks absolutely stunning on petite body structure women.

Shearling Coats 


Since the calendar is reading fall season now, the best way to complete your holiday look is by wearing a soft, furry shearling coat of pastel color. Sherling is basically the skin of the recently sheared lamb or sheep that has been tanned as well as dressed in the wool left on. Get a classic piece of long shearling coat for yourself and complement your holiday outfit look elegantly.

Tote Bags 


While deciding about how to complement your holiday outfit look, you must consider tote bags as well. Tote bags are really stylish and functional offering enabling you to carry many things in it.

Statement Tassel Earrings 


Yet another must-have holiday outfit accessory staple is statement tassel earrings. Delicate tassels look absolutely stylish and cool and go well with almost every outfits. Wear a pair of long tassel earrings and steal everyone’s attention with sheer grace and elegance.

So, by now you must have got that what all fashion and accessories trend you need to consider while deciding your holiday look.

Consider the above-mentioned fashion and accessories trends and don’t let your charm fade away even when you are out for a holiday.

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