3 Unique Sunglasses Trends That Are Ruling Men’s Fashion

If you think sunglasses are just about the protection of your eyes, you are probably a bit too much of an old-school guy in the world of fashion. To be honest, sunglasses have derived a place in the fashion world that makes it a prominent fashion of all different kinds of accessories. Selecting a right styled eyewear for your looks can give a lethal edge to your overall appearance. They not only behold your fashion sense to a top-notch level but also elevate your style quotient on a whole.

At the present time, there are many available styles of sunglasses which can be rather confusing for a person. While it is completely dependent upon a person’s own preference to choose a style over other, but one must also try the evolving fashions trends as they are more often than not a great way to keep experimenting with your looks. Some trends might not give a good first impression but they gradually develop the influence to become the trendsetters. If you want to get the most trendy sunglasses at amazing prices, you can use these Lazada Voucher Codes and avail exclusive offers and deals.

Here we will discuss 3 such unique trends of sunglasses that have taken over the market in recent times.

Horn-Rimmed Clubmaster

clubmasterThese frames were popularly derived from a popular 50’s model of sunglasses known as browline and re-introduced it with slight changes in recent times. These sunglasses have a very prominent and thick upper rim while the lower rim is made up of sleek wires. The upper part is usually made up of plastic. These frames have become a timeless fashion statement sue to their iconic frames and a very eye catchy shape. This type of sunglasses is basically meant to showcases the right amount of balance between the retro look fused into a modern hipster trend and thereby giving a very cool and commanding pair to have on your face.

Round Frames

roundThe first type of sunglasses which were introduced had a very organic circle shaped structure. Therefore, the round frames have become synonymous to the vintage style and look which only a few can pull off with ease. There were many iconic figures in the past that used the round shaped sunglasses and the recent years have shown a very evident surge in the demand for vintage styles. This recent surge has made it an instant hit amongst the youths especially those who are creative artists love to flaunt this iconic frames. The original tend of round sunglasses is known to be from the Victorian fashion and it has just been revived with some subtle and delicate touches. These sunglasses go very well with top hats, watches and neck chains which have some sort of vintage look. This is certainly a niche kind of glass that will not suit anything or everything and one has got to have a right judgement of fashion to complement this pair with a right match.

Mirror Lenses

mirrorIn the past few years, the mirror lenses have gained a massive reputation in the world of fashion and it is used nonchalantly with most linds of sunglasses including the popular ones such as Aviators, Wayfarers and the Wraparounds. These glasses are usually very reflective and show bright rainbow colours from the different angles if you look at them from some distance. The mirrors started to gather attraction in the 2014 and have only evolved and grew since then. Today, mirror lenses are amongst the most popular glasses used in different type of frames which makes them a trend a hard to ignore. It is interesting how the frames which were very poorly received when first introduced in the mid 80’s get a wide recognition the last few years. They have probably launched way ahead of their times.

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