How To Dress In Singapore: A Visitor & Tourists Guide!

If you are living in Singapore then you must know how hot and the humid place is in Singapore! The temperatures sour too high ranges from about 33 degrees C (89.6 F) during the day to 22 degrees C (71.6 F) in the evening. Thereby, it gives a big opportunity to the visitors as well as the local residents to wear light clothes that help them survive the weather hotness as well as give them a chance to shop from their favourite website Lazada.

The hot humidity level has reached about 94% that made the residents and the travellers to get inside their rooms or to wear a nice decent clothing that does not let warmness increase. Being the weather is quite sticky, it would be a better option to visit around December where the weather is quite cool and you can wear your favourite jackets and cardigans. Here in this post, we will share with you what best clothes you can try out that do not let humidity strike you in summers nor the coldness affect you in winters and also be in decent clothes according to the places you visit.

Check out the best fashion apparels you can flaunt at different places in Singapore that looks decent as well weather friendly!

At the Office


The temperature can really affect you a lot, but the offices are really freezing cold because of the high-airconditioned everywhere, hence, you can choose to wear a heavy dress too. As offices demand business attire, therefore, you can prefer to wear trousers and blazers that will let you in your proper attire plus you can be in your fashion trend. It’s a good idea to choose to wear layers as you never how the temperature may change and you will start to feel hot again.

While in a Taxi


Taxis and Cabs are quite affordable and found everywhere in Singapore. So, there is a great chance that you might ride on one, so it is better that you dress aptly based on your visit to Taxi. Also, is the temperature inside taxis is freezing cold though, so be prepared and carry some jacket or stole with you.

While visiting Singapore Park

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When you visit any place outside Singapore then be prepared to wear as little and short as pleasant. You can choose to wear singles and shorts/skirts which are the most comfortable attire to try on. But make sure that you wear a long-sleeves shirt or top of very thin material as the heat can cause damage to your skin and a full sleeve cloth can save you from sun rays.

At Shopping malls


Shopping Malls are a place where the coldness is at its peak. You can wear a light scarf here that can be quite helpful when you want to find protection from the cold temperature. It let you be your fashionable best and you can also get protected from the high air-conditioned temperature.

At the Cinema Theatre


Cinema hall is also freezing cold so you can wear long pants and enjoy the weather while watching television. You can choose to wear jackets and pants or jeans that will give a casual look as well as let you have a good time while watching movies. Most of the cinemas are inside shopping malls so you can also take out your warmer clothes for the visit.

At Fancy bars and clubs


If you want to have a good time at fancy bars and clubs then you can visit these bars and choose to wear long pants. Although you can wear shorts in many bars there are some bars where you have to wear long pants otherwise they will not let you in. Some of the fancier bars and clubs like the popular Skypark bar at Marina Bay Sands require you to wear long pants.

Hopefully, these above ideas will let you wear a decent cloth in Singapore and which you can easily shop using Lazada promo codes.

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