5 Funky Footwear Trends To Watch Out This Year!

Footwear today is not just a matter of comfort anymore, it has simply moved into the arena of art. Most of the designers nowadays are shifting attention from pragmatism to aesthetics. The trend is becoming relaxed and sensible with wedges, block heels, kitten heels, and flats. Moreover, the footwear trends these days are quite varied, you will find dainty, delicate heels with pretty embellishments on one hand and stompy-sturdy futuristic sneakers and cowboy boots on the other hand.

With so many options to choose from, find a perfect and the most suitable shoe trend that can elevate your style perfectly is not an easy task to do. It takes a lot of time to choose the best. Here’s a curated selection of spring flats, sandal designs, heels and wedges on the newest styles which you can choose to wear in 2018. Scroll through and know about the latest footwear trends that are gaining immense popularity these days-

1 # Kitten Heels!


Kitten heels are super cute and comfy footwear trend which is totally versatile and comfortable. The leg-elongating trend is practical for both commuting to work as well as for fancy events. So, whether it is for office, for Sunday brunch or for a night out, kitten heels go well with all the occasions. Simply swap them out with midi skirts or trousers for a smarter and stylish look.

2 # Sculpted Heels!


With an aim to add some architectural inspiration to your footwear collection, the sculpted heel trend is the walking work of art. In other words, it is the arty shoe trend of 2018 meant for both minimalists as well as maximalists shoe devotees. From cult Status to wooden or acrylic spherical heels, you can easily balance out things with any attire like puff sleeve blouse, a shirt dress, wide-leg jeans or even sharp suit.

3 # High-Shine Heels!


Add a high-octane glamour and style to your outfit with this glossy footwear trend meant for dominating the streets in 2018. Crinkled patent leather sandals, transparent perspex mules, and plastic-wrapped satin pumps will surely turn everyone’s heads and will greatly elevate plaid prints, neutral shirts, and frayed denim.

4 # Modern Mules!


In 2018, you will spot modern mules all around. Proving themselves most prominent fashion trend every since its inception, mules have gone through a lot of transformations. Today, mules come with statement heels and clear lines with vibrant stains and monochrome leathers indeed stealing the show every time. Mules are among those versatile picks that come in many sizes and shapes from flat slides to kitten heels.

5 # The All White Trend!


Gone are the days, when black used to be a prime color of footwear, today, optic or bright white is equally versatile as compared to black. It adds a fresh feel to any look. The penchant for all-white or bright white sandals or shoes of the industry has offered a plenty of options to choose from. You can pair white sneakers with your casual top or tee and denim to keep your look cool and funky, or you can team up a white cowboy boot with pretty frills and floaty hemlines for that edgy finish. Pair a bright white pump with double denim to give your look an elegant twist.

So, these are top footwear trends you need to watch out in 2018 and must buy for sure. To buy such trendy footwear staples at reasonable rates, make sure you grab Zalora discount codes.

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