5 Singapore Weather-Friendly Women Fashion Trends of 2018


Now, definitely, you are sick of your wardrobe but still, you have no idea what to buy for your next shopping haul. If yes, then look in here and find out the best trend to try out!

See how time flies! It seems as if it was yesterday when we were celebrating Christmas and looking for best party dresses to wear. Now, we are almost at the end date of January and now we are looking for best attire that can be worn out in this weather. Here, in this blog you will find some of the best attire, you can wear whole this year.

If you will ask any fashion buff, you will get to know about the struggle of not being able to wear incredible fall trends in sultry Singapore. Just because you have to settle for the summer pieces, however, this doesn’t mean that you’ll look any less beautiful.

Here, check out some of the best on-trend looks that you can easily flaunt in 2018.

#1: Off-Shoulder Tops


Off-the-shoulder blouses are a perfect clothing to wear. As it looks ultimate on your dressing as well as it also lets your fashion game on point. A little shoulder skin show will give you the perfect feel that you can add wonderfully with palazzo pants for an ultra comfy work outfit. You can choose this at any summer day and flaunt your style when worn in pretty pastel tones

This is claimed to be the special cool-chic top that looks the best on your body.

#2: Gingham Clothing


Gingham is typically checked in white and a bold color. It may look like a tablecloth but it is actually a total in trend clothing. The color combination black and white is a very likable and versatile color combination. You can wear this type of top, dress, or even it looks great on the skirt too.

Gingham and frills go extremely well together, so you can easily carry it in style. Or if you wish to create a more feminine outfit then you can choose to wear on frill style.

#3: Statement Sleeves


Embroidered sleeves are a big on the runway last year, and so in demand by many Singaporean women. These sleeves look feminine as well as look cool when you wear it.

This is specially made for a memorable and powerful silhouette. So, just slip on a top with voluminous sleeves for days and boost in confidence.

#4: White Shirts


White shirts are the must-have in every women’s wardrobe. You can style this white shirt with different style. You can play around with texture when buying your white shirt. If you are thinking about what fabric to choose then you choose such as silk, linen, and cotton make for the comfiest hot weather clothing that will keep you feeling cool and chic.

#5: Tie-Front Tops


Shop a top for yourself that you can tie up a knot in the front. This concept is rather similar to the one above but the tie is now situated at the bottom of the top. This will look cool as well can be worn out beautifully.

Here, all the women, now you are ready to conquer the world with your ultimate dressing style!!

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