4 Fall Jackets Trends That You Must Be Owning!

As the calendar reads fall, its time for you to starting stocking up the latest trend for the colder season. When talking about winter closet staples, the first and foremost name that pops up in your mind instantly are winter jackets.

With the constant changes taking place in the fashion trends and styles, you will find that winter jackets are available in myriads of designs, patterns, styles, and sizes.

Stylehunter presents you with complete information about the latest winter jackets you must be choosing or buying this winter season. Let’s take a look at the latest winter jacket trends-

Shearling-Corduroy Winter Jackets!

Style Hunter

Buy a cool yet stylish piece of corduroy-shearling jacket for yourself that posses absolutely no rules, whether you go as loose or as structured as you wish and layer it with whatever you like, jeans, tees or sheer dress, the choice is all yours. There is no specific rule for layering the jacket with.

Made from a recently shredded lamb or sheep, Shearling is a skin, luxe-fluffy material which is often favored as an accent or a lining in moto jackets or parkas and is tanned as well as dressed in the leftover wool.

Puffer Jackets!


Add one of the coziest outerwears this winter season to your closet, by purchasing a nice, cozy, tactile fabric and vibrant print puffer jacket for yourself. Resembling just the same as a sleeping bag, these puffer jackets are highly functions that make you feel absolutely safe and comfortable. Puffer jackets are generally quilted in different-different patterns and designs, that are suitable for all types of layering.

Velvet Blazer


Velvet trend this season has taken a grand return with slightly a new persona, the one which is more elevated than the past seasons. Get a jewel-toned velvet blazer for yourself this winter season ideal for all occasions, be it semi-formal, casual or party. If you are dressing for an official dinner with your boss and you don’t want to layer your formal pants and shirt with the regular coat then a velvet blazer is all you need.

Retro Leather Jacket 


Yet another variant of winter jacket that you shouldn’t be overlooking this fall season is the Retro Leather Jacket. Add these timeless, classic piece of winter jackets to your wardrobe for all those fun-filled hangouts with your friends. Simply layer these leather jackets on a cool slogan tee paired-up with skin-fit jeans or leather skinny pants and boots.

So, these are winter essential jacket you must buy for yourself in order to tackle the chilling weather with style.

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