Bring Home The Vitamin Box From Althea And Own Radiant Skin!

Makeup and fashion are two words that hold an important position in any woman’s life hence StyleHunter is back with another piece of article this time talking about spring makeup products.1

Usually, we talk about skin nourishment, but StyleHunter knows that neither your diet nor lifestyle can ever fulfill the essentials required for flawless skin. So we have picked the vitamin box grabbing attention at renowned online beauty store, Althea.2

The box has a collection of 7 products including Mizon- Vita Lemon Calming Cream, Petitfee-Oil Blossom Lip Mask, The Seam- Firming Multi Cleanser, Holika-Holika- 3 seconds booster vita complex, Let Me Skin-Ultra H20 Modeling Pack, Gwa II Na Ra- Banana Body Cleanser, a;t Fox-Gyoolpi Tea Fresh Mint.3

The products in it are enriched with Vitamin C, E, B, D and K along with many minerals to brighten your skin tone and make it healthier. Easy to apply these products can be used in any time of the day.

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