Lola Skye Blue Contrast Tee – Create a Look-at-me Look Effortlessly

lola-skye-0579-471912-1On the night before D-Day, you are all excited and go to sleep with dreamy eyes. The magic begins right there. You arrive at the destination in your dream outfit accessorized to the perfection. Your face is glistening and makeup is immaculate. Your hair is done to the nines and the soundtrack seems to be playing the music of your heart.lola-skye-0582-471912-2Abruptly the dream is over and you find yourself in mismatched pajamas with untidy hairs. Your artwork of adorning the best dress is over and you are perplexed again while looking at the wardrobe. We know, it is always tricky to decipher exactly what the dress code is for this special occasion. lola-skye-0585-471912-3Either you are preparing yourself for the family dinner on the occasion of Chinese New Year or you are waiting for some supernatural intervention on the Valentine’s day, StyleHunter brings you the most fascinated piece of sartorial craft that not only will give you the out-of-the-world look, but also will open a million possibilities for you to stamp your mark. lola-skye-0589-471912-4Lola Skye – one of the most trendiest British brand – has found his home in Singapore at Zalora. Lola Syke comes with fabulous Blue Contrast Tee to enable you to any special occasion with a grace and flair. The tee features a jacquard design with neon trims and a large back keyhole detail. A relaxed fit tee can be paired with look-at-me sequin skirt to create an aura that is better than your usual beautiful self. lola-skye-1656-471912-6To make your D-Day the most memorable one, Zalora offers flat 70% discount on this stupendous aesthetics.

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