Redefine Your Intimate Relationship: Enjoy Deep Discount on Branded Bikini Sets

Fashion is in the throes of revisiting all things 1990s. We are witnessing a line between ready to wear and intimates blurring rapidly. Ultimately, we recognize the trend that focuses not only on the body of the woman, but also on her expressions, freedom and femininity as a whole. When we talk of a freedom, women’s clothes come first to the mind.

While outerwear is very important to the gorgeous girls of our times, innerwear and nightwear are the one that defines the real freedom for beauties. For women in Asia, the social norms are still regressive, where she has to wear clothes either to satisfy her partner or society.

However, time has changed. In a progressive society like Singapore, women are more expressive and franchise their freedom to wear what gives them a sense of styling and comfort in expressing. Keeping this in mind, StyleHunter brings a fascinating collection of bikini sets that give a definite touch to your persona and liberty to enjoy the life in a way you feel you should.

From exotic and precinct beaches to heated indoor swimming pool to cozy bathroom, you will be embracing the true enjoyment of the life. At the same time, our edited range of bikini sets from top notch international brand will offer a silky smooth touch and comfort in maneuvering. Each of the bikini sets comes with a mouthwatering price tag to inspire you to be bold and beautiful.

Hawaiian Punch Tri Bikini Set (30% OFF)
Get ready for some fun in the sun with this bikini set by Rip Curl at your side! Featuring a funky nature-inspired pattern etched across the surface, this piece is sure to get your beach wear ready in a jiffy.

Hawaiian Punch Tri Bikini Set is made of a stretchable polyamide blend and is designed with padded cups. To ensure the maximum comfort, the bikini has no underwire support, but has adjustable shoulder straps and self-tie back straps. Bikini cut bottom too has self-tie side fastenings.




FireFly Tri Bikini Set (20% OFF)
Picture yourself in this tropical print bikini from Rip Curl, working that summer body in the lightly-padded top and cheeky bottom coverage, that sunkissed glow is a changing room away. What is the journey to Singapore without a trip to the beach anyway?

Made of a Polyblend material that is known for its hygienic elements, FireFly Tri Bikini Set features Halterneck style and it is designed with light-padded cups as well as adjustable straps. Ruffle edges are shaped to give you a sensational look. Even the bottom has Tassle ends on ties and self-tie string fastening for comfort.


FireFly Tri Bikini Set – Orange (20% OFF)
Featuring a monochrome pattern in Orange, FireFly Tri Bikini Set is set to make you look beach ready in just a blink of an eye. Take in the heat of the sun with a hassle free and stylish bikini. A great combination of best design and enhanced hues, making your time of having fun more fashionable.

FireFly Tri Bikini Set – Orange features halterneck style and self-tie string fastening for you to fit in comfortably. Made of Polyblend and designed with  ruffled edges create an aura of your sensuous look. Bikini cut bottom is shaped with self-tie string fastening to offer utmost convenience.


Surfing’s My Love Trip Bikini Set (16% OFF)
Stamp your love for sun, sea and surf onto this Rip Curl bikini. Steeped in a striking hue. Surfing’s My Love Trip Bikini Set is a two-piece beauty in neat and clean design. It is designed to capture  your form and seamless movement on the beach.

The polyblend fabric is used to give you a silk like touch while suring. Surfing’s My Love Trip Bikini Set features halter neckline with self-tie string and back self-tie fastening. To give you a heart-melting look, the bikini set is designed with bust padding and inner lining. The Slip-on style Bottom features easticated waistband.


That Spot Bandeau Bikini Set (15% OFF)
Whether it’s for a morning or midnight swim, let this Rip Curl bikini be your style arsenal. The brand elevates this two-piece beauty with contrasting polka dots and flirty frills atop the bandeau.

Designed with a signature style and fabric, That Spot Bandeau Bikini Set is made of a Polyblend and has a sweetheart neckline. For our comfort while on the move, it is designed with padded cups. To take care of your comfort, the bikini is spared of underwire support and has been provided with self-tie and hook fastening for comfort.

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