Shake off the Sartorial Shackles with Alcott Hooded Blazer: 30% OFF at Zalora

Repining of the yesteryears has turned into rejoicing in the fashion world, as men’s fashion is no more at the mercy of women’s fashion, but has in fact allured many fashion designers to launch their dedicated collections for men in recent years. Whenever men’s fashion takes center stage, nothing, other than the blazers reflects the glamorous yet subtle muscularity. 001_alcott-6589-248562-1This winter, StyleHunter gives you another reason showcase your sinew along with a delicate touch with Alcott Hooded Blazer; designed specifically to evoke inveigling manly appeal. For those who think of tailoring as being synonymous with the realms of work and weddings, this style statement seeks to illustrate that in fact this blazer is endlessly sexy and elegant.alcott-6592-248562-3Autumn and winter offer ample opportunity to give your wardrobe a fresh new lease of life and layer yourself with vibrant designs in vivid colors. And what better way to shake off the sartorial shackles of spring and summer than by donning a unique and exquisite Alcott Hooded Blazer? Crafted from skin sensitive Polyester, the hooded blazer is injected with a modern European twist.alcott-6590-248562-2Alcott Hooded Blazer enables you to cut a sharp silhouette in the boardroom or at the bar. During this season, It is very easy to remain nice and toasty with this stylish and functional aesthetic. Think about contrasting the blazer with the rest of your outfit? You are spot on. Give a full-sleeve shirt or a t-shirt some life  and add some pop to the already megantic look of yours.alcott-6593-248562-4Hit the sartorial sweet spot between relaxed and refined dressing with this Zalora featured Alcott Hooded Blazer and add affordability worth 30% to your charming persona.

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