Trans-seasonal Triumph of a Real Man: Timeless Collection of Autumn Wear with Deep Discount

However, none nodding a denial to the changing times, men’s fashion has less takers among fashion designers and lesser on the street of Singapore. This seems wasn’t enough for the media to come up with the term called ‘Trans-seasonal’ to make men’s fashion even more difficult. Well, it may not be cakewalk for men to style them in this season of autumn; us Style Hunters have edited a collection of winter wear for a real man of a Singapore.

Our editors lanced through the Zalora collection for the men of the moment to curate a selection that brings you to altogether a different world of fashion and makes you walk through the heaven of fashion combinations that are truly contemporary and effortless. We; at StyleHunter, went through the number of brands and hundreds of staples to select a few that produce a look of a confident man in his skin and cut a handsome figure.

Each of the pieces selected by StyleHunter is genuinely classic and timeless in design, color, texture, feature and flair. If you have fire within, any of the aesthetics will maximize your wardrobe versatility and will turn you into a perfect “metrosexual”. Just wonder, if you can ask for more if you get celeb-inspired designs and trend-on styles in jackets, Parka, Blazers, Hoodies and more with deep discount worth up to 60%.

We won’t give you a second chance, so make a move, check this fascinating collection for yourself and grab all of them at a half price with an image click.

River Island Stone Crop Mac Jacket (60% OFF)

river-island-1492-960222-1Stone Smart Crop Mac Jacket by River Island features the classic double-breasted design with twin front pockets and shoulder tabs. Made of a cotton blend with a stand collar, Stone Crop Mac Jacket is meant for the real man, who senses the styling like a back of his hand.

River Island Wool Felt Weekender with Leather Trimming (60% OFF)

bellfield-5454-869612-1Dark Red Casual Jacket by River Island features contrasting navy panels at the wrists, drawstring fastening with noose knot, and a wealth of compartments for your essentials. Made with cotton and installed with a hoodie, Wool Felt Weekender sets the weekend tone for the party and wins you many evil eyes.

Native Youth Quilted Icelandic Parka (50% OFF)

native-youth-9621-128471-1Navy Quilted Icelandic Parka by Native Youth features contrasting ribbed sleeve-ends with stylized twin welt pockets on the front. Cotton made Quilted Icelandic Parka offers endless styling and turns your regular looks into magical one.

Bellfield Black Fur Parka (50% OFF)

bellfield-5482-669612-1Black Fur Parka by Bellfield features a minimal design made of warm and sturdy material, and it comes with multiple pockets for convenience. Designed with hooded neckline, Black Fur Parka gives you a warm feeling and evokes the sense of romance in your partner to shower you with abundant love.

Bellfield Hooded Puffa Jacket (50% OFF)

bellfield-1858-969612-2_1Black Hooded Puffa Jacket by Bellfield features thick padded fabric for ultimate warmth and style. Hooded neckline and Velcro fastening adds a dash of glamor to your persona and infuses the confidence of being a rock star.

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