High-Impact Collision On ‘Fashion Street’ : Gustave Camel Jacket At 50% On Menlook Singapore

If you have a substance abuse problem à la Commune De Paris, where the substance at hand is expensive blazer, then Menlook is the place to shop at this season. The French powerhouse brings us a high-impact collision of high fashion and streetwear, compressed and concentrated into a potent piece for your wardrobes. It’s couture for your look. It’s the Gustave Camel Jacket designed by Commune De Paris.

veste-gustave-camel-commune-de-paris-marron-vestes-casual-86872_1 veste-gustave-camel-commune-de-paris-marron-vestes-casual-86872_2 veste-gustave-camel-commune-de-paris-marron-vestes-casual-86872_3 veste-gustave-camel-commune-de-paris-marron-vestes-casual-86872_4

Blazers are a staple for everyone; for every season, even if you aren’t heading to the gym. Think style-luxe. 2015 has seen a sartorial boom in pairing upscale formal-wear with informal stylewear. No one’s going to stare at you funny anymore if you are accompanying a blazer with a three-fourth. Especially not when it is a Straight cut blazer with made of a cotton with Notched collar and 2 large patch pockets.

A0t SGD 246.50, with 50% discount, this futuristic blazer is available at Menlook Singapore. If you’ve been following the latest celebrity sightings, you’ll know that they’ve been a huge hit. Piece of advice? Well, run before stock vanishes,because, this high in demand blazer is going to create and impression for you; at a business meeting or at the date, a long lasting impression for you to gain forever.

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